Many people share the belief that successful leaders are born with the qualities of good leaders. On the other hand, some believe that a leader is nurtured by the hardships of the environment which eventually make them to be successful personalities. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are two great historical leaders that paved their way under tough conditions to make it to the top (Comparisonz, 2010). Luther King was an American clergyman and a leader who was prominent and an activist in the Afro-American civil rights campaign.

He led a mass of people in non-violent actions to fight racism in America. Mahatma Gandhi was a political and a spiritual leader of Bharat in the Indian freedom movement (Comparisonz, 2010). He helped Indians fight for their civil rights and independence through nonviolence to cause mass civil disobedience. The two leaders had similarities in their mode of leadership. It is evident that the two used the method of nonviolence (Comparisonz, 2010). They did not apply any violent means of war to gain the freedom of their people.

They instead used peaceful means to achieve their objectives. Gandhi condemned his own political party against violence and advised the use of non-cooperation, resistance that was non-violent and passive in their conflicts with the British. He criticized heavily the actions of the British. Similarly, King used nonviolent protests and mass demonstrations to help the Black Americans fight for their civil rights in Montenegro. Another similarity of the two leaders is that they were highly goal oriented.

They were leaders who had well outlined objectives of restoring their people from the civil slavery into freedom. They both had the objectives of fighting for the rights of their people, equal opportunities in employments and a general equality in all aspects of life (Comparisonz, 2010). One great difference between the two leaders is the type of struggle they each had during their times. As Mahatma Gandhi struggled with the British government, all other states were all behind him giving him all the support he needed (Comparisonz, 2010).

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As for Martin Luther, he was fighting racism that was happening all over the world at that particular time, and it was being practiced more in most of the powerful nations in the world. This was a great task for Martin Luther as he faced a great deal of challenges. The element of fasting as a tool to gain mercy from God to deliver the people from injustice is more typical to Gandhi than it is to King Jr. who mainly applied speeches and protests (Comparisonz, 2010).

Generally, the two leaders brought change to their societies as they led their nations into higher places in the society than they were earlier on. Despite all they went through, the arrests, the opposition, at the end they made it to achieve their objectives. While a few differences between the two leaders can be noted, they share a number of similarities in the manner in which they once dedicated their lives to the struggle for human rights.


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