Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America. His mother was Alberta Christine Williams and his father was named Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King Jr. father was a pastor and a civil rights activist. He taught his children that racism is bad and everyone should be treated equally. This was very important in Martin Luther King Jr. upbringing because he himself turned into a civil rights activist. Martin Luther was very religious and he became a pastor like his father. On July 18, 1953, married Martin Luther King Jr. with Coretta Scott she is a musician and she was also someone who advocated equal rights and follower of the work of her husband. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted every person to be equal and have the same rights, meaning that all the blacks and white are equal. He also used an example from Mahatma Gandhi, he fought without violence. Martin Luther King Jr. incorporated his ways and also fought with nonviolence. King was apart of the bus boycott and delivered great speeches and sermons. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted both blacks and whites to support the movement. Martin Luther King Jr. was for nonviolence and against discrimination and found that blacks and whites were equal. That was his dream. In Dr. King’s ‘Six Principles of Nonviolence’, principle one states “Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.” The supporters of King were specially made up of poor black people. They saw King as their leader and gave their hopes for their rights arose. King by his actions, people could express their rage and show that they disagreed. The supporters were therefore often very poor and had no money. Those children had the courage to speak out against the injustice of the United States of America. Blacks have gone through segregation and the black community has had enough of being separated from the whites. African Americans wanted to be treated equally like their white counterparts.      Martin Luther King Jr. demand of the black community to use nonviolence resistance. Nonviolence was very important to Martin Luther King Jr. because violence will create more violence. Causing more violence will do major harm to the blacks because the whites no have a reason to use force against a protest. The whites had way more power than the blacks at that period of time. Through his non-violent resistance was also white on his side, got his way of handling things better understanding of the disparity between black and a white population. Martin Luther King Jr. has helped the nation in ways we can never fully imagine. He had a vision that one day all men and women in the United States will be equal and pursue life, liberty, and happiness. He showed us that you don’t need violence to get your point across. Nonviolence and peaceful protest can still have the same amount of effect as any other rebellion. From a young African American boy who had a passion for religion to a becoming a major civil rights activist had forever changed this world. He made it possible for African Americans today to live their life without any worry of segregation. He reminds us to appreciate life, and to respect our brothers and sisters no matter their race or creed. His legacy and his ways of using nonviolence will be forever remembered.    


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