Evaluating the content of the article, it discuses the status of marriage in the society in this modern period. It attempts to highlight the perceived effects of divorce (and other means to put the marriage into an end) on the significance and the value of marriage as far as the society is concerned which seem to place marriage in a stage of deterioration. This decline is due to the rise of new perspectives about marriage.

While some maintain that marriage still serves it purpose – that is binding a man and a woman into a responsibility of making and raising a good family and later on to contribute in the society’s improvement, some consider marriage as a mere contract that which can be voided so long as both parties agree. The Catholic Church has been in opposition in this kind of ideology seeing that the weakening of the value of marriage would also undermine the value of the family.

Family is the most fundamental unit of the society. Thus, if the family would decline the same would go with the society. In addition, the church has always been the advocate of maintain moral uprightness. For the Church, disrespecting the sacredness of matrimony also imply the promotion of immoral conducts. In the end, the Church would always consider annulment or divorce or other means of separation of the married couple as morally unbecoming. The government, on the other hand, has two ideas.

While it recognizes the sentiment of the Church and the decline of the value of family in the society, the government tends to see the other side of the coin. This suggests that the government starts (or has already started) passing laws that invalidates marriages for the purpose of a more practical way of life. Practicality has been the greatest adversity of morality. The government thinks that through divorce, annulment, or legal separation that domestic violence could be prevented. Nevertheless, the government still examines which of the two options would lead the society towards the greater good.

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