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Marketing & Advertising :: Online Marketing ? The Components  We all know that the world is (not so) slowly but surely becoming digitalized. In this ever changing society of ours it is very difficult to cement a marketing campaign by using only conventional strategies. That is why we will always promote the use of online marketing. The reason for this is obvious as it is easier as well as quicker to make a few changes to a well-designed website than it is to print a thousand new flyers every time the newest trend hits the scene. There are many factors that contribute to a successful online marketing campaign. We will be looking at the key components of an internet marketing strategy and what makes an online strategy superior.SEO friendlyIt is absolutely imperative that a website is designed and developed with all the necessary SEO elements in place. With the SEO elements in place, you will create an open door for search engines and users alike to find your website when they search the relevant keywords. SEO forms the foundation of a successful online marketing campaign. You would obviously need to start by creating a website first, but we figured that you would know that.ContentCreating relevant content for your website is the key to success. Search engines such as Google place high value on relevant content pages. This goes hand in hand with SEO as content should be written with SEO techniques in mind and the most popular keywords for a certain page should be incorporated carefully into your text. There is always the risk of over optimizing your text with loads of keywords and for that reason one should always be aware of the restrictions that search engines establish.Social media and blogsSocial media is the ground breaker in online marketing at the time of writing. Everything and I mean everything is discussed, promoted and passed around through social media platforms. For this reason an online marketing campaign that does not devote a large chunk of time and energy to social media development and marketing, would have to count it as opportunities missed. Creating a blog or posting on other blogs is a great opportunity to include links in your text. This will also boost your rankings.Web analytics insightsWith the proper web analytics tools you are able to analyze your website and determine where you need to improve and change it up. Analytics will provide you with information about where your visitors are from, how long they spent on what pages and if they are new or returning visitors. This is only the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty more features that will enable you to boost your online marketing campaign by simply implementing your web analytics findings.