Marketing and Accenture

Accenture Is a global management consulting. technology services and outsourcing company. Its specialization is innovation and rapid transformation of the technology organizations within their parent companies (Accenture). Accenture’s position is that they can generate well grounded strategic business ideas and execute them. These are two things they know their clients want, but also claim their competitors both of them effectively and effectively together (Accenture).

Accenture has become a very big name in the technology services space partly because they are the first company f its type to build its brand through heavy advertising campaign investments and (for a very brief period) endorsements by successful celebrltles such as Tiger Woods. Short and quick slogans such as “Innovation Delivered” and “High Performance Delivered” attempt to be as bold as they are at just getting the job done. Integrating these initiatives into creative TV advertising has been very successful in growing their brand recognition with companies looking for consultants to assist In turning around their business processes.

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It would seem that promoting self Image Is the primary oal of the company based on the high quality talent they bring to their customers seeking their services. Accenture spent upwards of $300 million for over half a decade in ad campaigns based on the high performance and winning image of Tiger Woods. If customers could associate Accenture with someone who could perform as well as Woods, they would enhance their own image. This spending budget is relatively a small drop in the bucket for a company on track to report close to $30 billion in revenue annually ($27.

Year Ending 2012 – Accenture. com). Accenture has seen growth driven by business need for streamlined processes. The demand for consultancy and management In the global business to business marketplace has provided a positive revenue stream for the last 3 years (tbrnewscommentary. wordpress. com). Accenture is filling this need with high quality talent, “know how’ and a “can do It” attitude. Once again most of their ad campaigns promote this message. Another strategy that Accenture has employed to contribute to its success is incentive driven contracts.

By integrating key milestones and definitions of success into their contracts with clients and tying a monetary gain to their completion, Accenture creates strive for success to stay alive. Accenture maintains the lion share of the top businesses across the globe through via market place awareness and self promotion. They have a vast, highly talented and highly sought after workforce. They provide innovative solutions to companies that are looking to improve their business processes or create a new product. In 2012, they reported net revenues of $27. 9 billion (Accenture. com).