Said previously I have chosen to launch a health bar within the Confectionery industry. From my questionnaire the only people that did not eat chocolate was a small selection of women, I further found out that it was because of health risks and dietary levels. Out of the 30 people 3 did not eat chocolate, this is a gap in the market and the way to fill it would be a health bar. From the results it would be safe to say that from every 300 people 30 of them would eat health bars. This result is very worrying because that is still a very small market share just 1%.

If the market share is just 1% why a health bar.

Females buy bars from the supermarket most (most probably in bulk). This helps us know where to place the product and that we could be selling the product in quantities of 6 or 12.

Question 10 showed us that it would be careless to launch a bar for a time of day other than the afternoon, however, further analysis shows that it was mostly men that bought chocolate bars at this time of day and women bought chocolate bars whenever. A health bar should be available for any time of day this could increase the daily consumption of the bars as they are fat free/low fat.

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From further results from my questionnaire Females look for more fruity and crunchy products rather than pure chocolate reasons being aware of fattiness in the bars. This could be used to support the marketing strategy a health bar combined with the Cadbury’s brand would attract these females to at least try the product.

From the females I asked a lot of them had children. Recent events with obesity problems within Britain hitting high levels gives us a perfect opportunity to launch this new bar. Awareness of their children’s health would increase there chances of buying the product.

Launching a Health bar is a promotion in itself, criticisms of the UK’s health problems has reflected on companies like Cadbury’s and Mars launching very fatty problems. Cadbury’s can benefit from this by launching a health product giving their image a huge boost as saviours of the fatty problem within England. The problem with obesity also increases the chances of this possible Fat tax to be imposed. Prices of fatty bars will go up allowing our health bar to be a very competitive price close to the likes of the mars bar and dream bar.

If Fat tax is imposed the average price which is currently around 38 pence for a basic bar would go up to about 42 pence. The average price of a health bar is about 45 pence, the difference would become less so more people are going to try the health bar.

Brand problems = reasons why we should launch a health bar.

After Swot analysis I have identified more reasons why We should launch a health Bar.

– Too much competition and variety in the milk chocolate product industry.

If we were to launch another milk chocolate bar many ME2 products would follow it and destroy its reputation. However, if Cadbury’s was to launch a health bar in the growing health bar market then it would be huge there is no major brand leading this sector giving us the opportunity to be the leader. The market is growing and the market share is not getting enough health product.

– History of Cadbury’s is milk chocolate so everyone expects yet another milk chocolate bar, which is probably already out in the stores.

How research has helped my market strategy in the promotion of my product.

Females from the questionnaire shop in supermarkets this means advertising within the store on display stands aswell as around the store on large posters up on advertising boards. Promoting to children aswell as the mums would increase sales because they would go home and ask their mum to buy the product, which is a) healthy b) wanted c) worth the price.

We could launch two types of the product one for the adults and one for the children like the recently hugely successful Winders and squirt’s which are mostly for children but there are bars to go with them.

How PEST analysis has helped my marketing strategy.(promotion)

One of the biggest issues at the moment is technology and the obesity in England. Surfing the web has helped me realise that brands like Mars and us don’t use it to its potential. Nowadays every household has Internet, more and more people use sites like Yahoo, Google and MSN. If Cadbury’s was to advertise their health product on these engines millions would see the campaign each week this is far more than on billboards.

Advertisement could be placed in a variety of places such as health web sites and children’s web sites. It would be a lot cheaper and reach far more people than simply on a billboard outside a store, which proves to be costly. The Internet can allow us to reach that prefect audience because of specialist web sites. If our product was to be aimed at the older females then web sites like friend’s re-united or now could pinpoint the advertisement to them.

Further PEST analysis shows an ageing population obviously meaning that it would be wise to aim at the older female generation who would even more be interested in their health as they are getting older and becoming more fragile. Using the children would be a good idea however the average family size is both decreasing and ageing (more families have children at later ages because it is now possible for a woman of 45 to have a child.)

Competitors affects on Cadbury’s

Recently it is clear that there is a lot more competition from health bars in Cadbury’s what was before an indirect competitor now holds a high market share. If Cadbury’s was to enter the Health Bar market then they could steal many of the customers almost creating a monopoly affect. Launching a health bar could be followed up with crisps, sweets, drinks etc.

These factors I hope prove that a health bar is wanted, needed, a huge opportunity and the best one that has come for many years. With an issue of Obesity and the possibility of Fat Tax supports the idea of a Cadbury’s health bar which would enter a growing market with the heritage and name of Cadbury” behind it possibly creating a monopoly affect controlling the Health bar market. In an ageing population mid age females are going to be looking more and more about their health and their kids health. We know that other brands have entered the market and been hugely successful, already we’ve seen products like Kellogg’s creating a vast majority of products and all being successful like winders which almost every child has tried in England.


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