Maria MungarroDecember 8, 2017US History                                             Hardships and Opportunities         World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945. The Germans and Hitler were mad at the treaty of Versailles so that’s when Hitler armed Germany to start a war, at that time Germany allied with Japan and Italy even though Italy wasn’t any good to the Germans. They ended up forming the axis power. They were against the Allied Powers, Britain, China, the Soviet Union, and France. When World War II started Germany invaded Poland in 1939, And that’s when Britain and France declared war on Germany.         After the war Americans at home had a really hard time. They had to give up many things. Like women had to give up steel in corsets and children had to give up many toys and began selling war bonds and many had to cope with the loss of loved ones in the war. They also had to make it without a man in the household because of the war. When men were gone women had to enter the workforce and support their families because men were at war and because of that they had to leave their homes and children to go to work. Many people died in the war because of diseases, massacres, starvation and lastly genocide. The new jobs were taken by many people who had been jobless for a long time,. Before World War II women had been discourage on working jobs that were outside of their homes and after they were encouraged to take jobs that were looked at as a man’s job. There was jobs available for many women in Health service like for nurses, cleaners, and midwives. Once women started working from ages fifteen through sixty-four the percentage went up from a 45.9% to 51% in the years 1955-1965. Even with the increased percentage of women working they were still looked as less important workers, their wages were not enough to support their families back home. During the war people had a system of limiting food, gas and other necessary stuff so that people in the military had their weapons, equipment and all the supplies the military needed. The people participated in the war effort by this, there was a “Ration Book” which had coupons so people could buy rationed things like food in cans, dairy projects, sugar, coffee, pretty everything that was sealed. In the end all of the people at home had to make a lot of sacrifices to be able to support the military. In Conclusion, the war affected many people both at home and in the war. Many people had to sacrifice a lot of things to go in the war and at the same time support their families. It wasn’t easy for women to support their families while having low paying jobs and even if they were encouraged to work when men were at war they were still looked down on as not important people.


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