Many with God’s glory. I saw gold streets

Many people doubt the
existence of God. To many of them, the existence of God means nothing, while to
others, it is an issue of significant concern. Various religious scriptures and
traditional myths and beliefs have some expression about the existence of God.
Many say that God requires people to live in a particular way, but usually
people make mistakes by not obeying the will of God. The existence of God is
manifested in his doings and personal relationship with people.

            The creation work of God is the reason many people have
continued to believe in his existence, whereas others don’t believe a single
bit. When I was fourteen years old I had taken various over-the-counter and prescribed
drugs. I was selfish, I didn’t want to feel any more pain, part of my life was
taken away and I felt that there was no point of being here. It was on the dawn
of 21st of May 2012, around 3 am when I saw my soul standing outside
my body. I was confused and thought –perhaps I was dead already. Immediately, a
wind blew me away from my room and I saw myself moving in the sky. But then,
the brightest, brilliant light – a figure of a man was standing right in front
of me. He asked me if I wanted to go to the place where the saved souls go. The
place he brought me was filled with God’s glory. I saw gold streets below my
feet, even the ground was full of light and there was no shadow. I wonder why
there was no sun and he said, “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!”

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            I saw a lot of beautiful things and horrifying as well.
But I was glad I did, because I wouldn’t think the same as I did few years ago.
However, the various aspects of lives such as the functions of the body’s
cells, the DNA code, the functions of the human brains, and etcetera, indicates
the divine work of God. Those who believe in God called him, so that he can
restore order in time of distress when their lives are falling apart. The confessions
of the people who relate to God have evidence that when they call unto God, he
fulfills their requests. Therefore, the existence of the universe, the water,
human beings, and all other complex life is an evidence of the existence of
God. I had many questions, and doubted the existence of heaven and hell. I
believe God took me to those places and gave me a second chance in life. He
answered my questions, and cleared all my doubts.

I almost thought the tour was over, he turns over to me and asked if I wanted
to see the unsaved soul’s lives? But I had no authority or control over my
spirit and soul when I was with him; when he spoke, my whole being obeyed his
voice. We began to glide downwards, as soon as we began descending into
darkness. I began to smell an awful smell of rotten bodies. We came to a
complete stop, I could hear millions of people shouting and the gnashing of
teeth. I heard countless people in different foreign languages. A lot of them
who died in their sins were crying, “give me another chance!” He showed me a
man who in Earth committed suicide. He insisted God to give him another chance.
I will never forget God’s answer towards that man. He said “you took your own
life and committed suicide, you took your own life that does not belong to you;
you cheated on me by taking your own life.” There were too many people in hell;
many souls were too late and without Jesus. 
His creation will always be very powerful whether or not people believe
in him.

In conclusion,
there are many people for and against the existence of God. We, as individuals
must make up our minds using the knowledge that we have from our social
environment and personal experiences on whether or not God exists, or does not
exist. I can’t tell you to believe in God, because of what he showed. In the
end, we are not going to be able to decide on an answer as an entire human
race, but it is a decision we are able to make for ourselves. However, millions
of people around the world believe in him, and I personally believe God has and
always will exist.