Many underdeveloped countries are giving aid from external
countries but they have corrupted government because instead of given the money
that the international organization gives to the population they don’t share it
and they keep it. 51% of Spaniards think, moreover, that development aid really
helps to improve the situation of impoverished countries. The other 46% say
that mainly due to the corruption of the countries receiving the aid, rich
countries and multinationals exploit the least developed countries

By another way, the other half of the population think that
the budget that Spain dedicates to help the less developed countries should be
maintained without changes.

And there is a general agreement between voters of the
political parties like PP and PSOE, albeit with a certain degree. A 36% of the
voters of the PP believes necessary the reduction of the budget, while the 27%
of the voters of the political parties of the PSOE agrees to increase it.

The 2012 budget reduced 49.7% in 2011. Spain currently
dedicates a 0.2% of gross national income, the same as in the year 1981. The
percentage well below the 0.7% that had committed to reaching for 2012 with the

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I agree that Spain stops giving money to poor countries
because if we give money it is so that it reaches the poor so that they can
eat, or that they can have basic services such as drinking water or people who
protect them properly. Because the corrupted government they stay the money for
them to buy luxurious things.


I disagree because if we stop giving money to the poor
countries they cannot start to grow up and if we do not give them money the
little that the government gave them will not have it then they will start to
go hungry and the expenses will be reduced in the basic services.


In my opinion, I think we should not stop giving them money
because otherwise, they could not develop but we should help the money reach
most of the population.


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