Managed Care pros and cons The pros of managed care are since the patient is limited to a specific caregiver the premium is lower. The patient only pays a monthly payment and a co-payment. The cons of managed care are that the patients are not allowed to see the doctor of their choice unless the doctor is in their network. The consumers perspective the pros and cons of managed care. The pros from the consumers perspective would be only paying monthly payments that is at a fixed rate.

The other would be paying a small co-payment every time they see a doctor. The cons of managed care from a consumers perspective would be that they cannot see the doctor of their choice. The caregiver has to be affiliated with the managed care organization. The pros and cons from a caregivers perspective. The pros would be stability, fewer administrative duties, and better working hours. The cons would be less independence, and possibly a decrease in the income.

There are more pros and cons these are just a few of them. From a caregivers perspective they would rather the patient have traditional insurance. The reason for this is because the caregiver is losing money by the patient having managed care. Caregivers get a percentage of the money when they see a patient with traditional insurance. Then there is also more stability and less working hours for the caregiver with managed care.

It would be like flipping a coin for the caregiver what would they rather have more money or more time to spend with their family. The consumers perspective it would be in their best interest to have one of the managed care options (HMO,PPO). The reason for this answer is because for the most part most consumers cannot afford traditional insurance. The consumer would have to pay a monthly premium, plus the deductible and 20% of the bill.

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With managed care the consumer only pays a monthly payment and a co-payment. The consumer will have to see the caregiver in the network with managed care, but at least they will be able to see a doctor when they need to. Communicating about Health: Current issues and perspectives (2nded). Boston,MA: McGraw-Hill. (pp. 41-46) ezinearticles. com/? Managed-Care-Pros-and-cons&id=225175 www. ecnnews. com/hlth/man3. htm


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