Impossible is Nothing Is it possible for people to change, or more significantly, is it possible for a person to be reborn? The process of change is one which brings with it many conflicts both internally and externally, all in all, it is a very lengthy and demanding process. To change a person’s beliefs, values and basic underlying core may seem like a mere impossibility, but what the play, “The Man of La Mancha” shows us, is that it can be done. This fascinating play brings up numerous themes and messages and one of the most prevalent ones is that nothing is impossible, especially with regards to hange.

It is seen that the impact of Don Quixote’s idealism on many character’s lives, most notably Aldonza’s is extremely potent. In a sense, it is seen that Don Quixote is able to take a used piece of trash and recycle it into a brand new valuable object, he is able to make something out of nothing. Don Quixote and his unorthodox idealistic ways is the catalyst which sparks a profound transformation in Aldonza’s life which drastically changes her outlooks and philosophies, ultimately changing her into Dulcinea.

In the play it is initially seen that Aldonza lives a cold and meaningless life in hich she is shown no respect by the prisoners and also sadly has no respect and dignity for herself. Every day of her life, Aldonza is heckled and teased by the prisoners which makes her have no trust or love for men. Aldonza has become the whore of the prison and the prisoners do not even view her as a human but look at her as an object to fulfill their sexual desires. “I’ve got a nice thick bed of hay in the stable. (Wasserman 18) After seeing Aldonza, Pedro greets her by telling her he has a thick bed of hay in the stable, he does not greet her by saying ‘hello’ or ‘how are you? ‘ s he perceives her as nothing more than Just an object. The continuous heckles and provocation that Aldonza faces by the prisoners makes her hate all men. She views all men as the same thing and is disgusted by these hideous creatures. The prisoners do no care for Aldonza or respect her and sadly she has no respect for herself and not one ounce of pride. I’ll go with you or your brother, It’s all the same, it’s all the same, Just put your money in my hand, and you will get what money buys. “(19) It is seen through this quote that Aldonza’s outlook on life and in men in particular is extremely shocking and quite shallow. She only cares for the money and when it comes to having sex, she says it is all the same no matter the individual which ultimately shows herself self-respect is nonexistent. As a result of this, Aldonza’s meaningless and cold life genuinely reflects the person she is and she hates the life she lives. “l do not like you or your brother, I do not like the life I live. (20) Aldonza shows that she hates all the prisoners which she is surrounded by and provoked by on a daily basis. She also goes on to show how much she hates her life which is filled with loneliness, emptiness and deep sorrow. Aldonza’s life seems unchangeable and it seems as though she would never be respected by any man, however all of this changes when a gallant knight who goes by the name of Don Quixote de La Mancha steps into her miserable life. The introduction of Don Quixote and his unorthodox idealistic philosophies into ultimately triggering her lengthy transformation.

Aldonza is accustomed to being touched and taunted by men and never before has she been the recipient of sweet things and heartwarming comments. Don Quixote first meets Aldonza and is in absolute shock of what he witnesses. ” Sweet lady… Fair Virgin.. I dare not fall upon thy countenance lest I be blinded by beauty. “(22) This is the first time Aldonza meets Don Quixote and is immediately plunged into the depths of his idealism. It is seen that he perceives her as pure beauty and lets her know of these honest thoughts upon meeting her.

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More importantly, Don Quixote starts this magnificent transformation by changing Aldonza’s name ” Dulcinea… Dulcinea… l see heaven when I see thee, Dulcinea. “(23) The initial steps of her transformation have been undertaken as Don Quixote now refers to Aldonza as Dulcinea, meaning sweet in Spanish. On the other hand, Aldonza finds Don Quixote’s admiration towards her quite shocking and continuously rejects it. She is still under the notion that all men are the same and she hates all of them. “Fine words, he’s a man isn’t he? All right, he wants what every other man wants. (38) The beautiful words which the idealist Don Quixote showers upon Aldonza are deterred by her umbrella of realism and she believes that Don Quixote only wants sex from her and disregards him. Aldonza has been exposed to the initial steps of her transformation however it is seen that Don Quixote must first prove himself to her before she can truly change into Dulcinea. The perseverance and drive that Don Quixote exhibits in the play “The Man of La Mancha” is what helps his thoughts of idealism gradually change and mold Aldonza into a new person overtime.

After numerous conversations with Aldonza, Don Quixote continuously tells her how he feels about her. He sends her a missive and even sings her beautiful songs and she eventually begins to wonder why. “Why do you do these things? “Once-Just once-would you look at me as I really am? “(48) Don Quixote’s dealistic thoughts and straight forward words of love and affection towards Aldonza begin to have profound impacts on her mentally and she begins to change. Due to the fact that Aldonza is beginning to allow herself to wonder why Don Quixote does these things, she allows herself to be consumed by his philosophies.

Aldonza, like she has done with no other man before, now looks at Don Quixote differently from other men and begins to see his quality and starts to wonder about him. This shows that her philosophies begin to alter. “l said let him be! He’s worth a thousand of Aldonza says these words in defense of Don Quixote after Pedro threatens him. This shows that she is breaking her words of saying that all men are the same and she hates all as she stands up for Don Quixote. This marks a vital and necessary step in her transformation.

Even more, Aldonza also begins to change as she starts to show care towards Don Quixote. “Oh, he is hurt… Poor warrior. “(52) After Don Quixote fghts and defeats Pedro and his friends in defense of Aldonza, he sustains an injury. In reaction to this injury, the once cold and heartless Aldonza shows care for him, omething which she has never done before, care for a man. Aldonza has changed from the person she was in a sense and the final steps of her transformation are only achieved after the knight of mirrors shows Don Quixote the harsh truth of reality.

After the knight of mirrors forces Don Quixote to see himself for who he really is, this causes Aldonza to desperately plead Don Quixote to remember the wonderful transformation. Aldonza has now changed her perception on men and realizes that all men are in fact not the same but are different. Aldonza shows that she looks onto Don Quixote very highly and respects him. You are my lord, Don Quixote! Please! Try to remember! “(77) Aldonza shows that she trusts Don Quixote and as she has done with no other man before, accepts him as her lord.

As a result of Don Quixote’s idealism, Aldonza who once did not want Don Quixote to call her Dulcinea has changed drastically. She is now living and perceiving the world through an idealist’s eyes and desperately wishes for Don Quixote to call her Dulcinea. “And you looked at me! And you called me by another name Dulcinea, Dulcinea! “(77) Aldonza shows the effect which Don Quixote had on her life and changes drastically. Ultimately, it is seen that Aldonza who was a woman that cared for no man and hated all men and herself has completely changed.

The idealism of Don Quixote significantly changes her and when he dies this marks her the completion of her amazing transformation. She says a few vital and unforgettable words upon his death, “My name is Dulcinea. “(81) Aldonza shows that she has now completely transformed and evolved into a new person marking the death of Aldonza and the birth of the immaculate In conclusion, Don Quixote and his unorthodox idealistic ways is the catalyst which parked a profound transformation in Aldonza’s life which drastically changed her outlooks and philosophies, ultimately changing her into Dulcinea.

The influence that Don Quixote had on Aldonza’s life is immense. He was able to accomplish the impossible by transforming her into an entirely new individual known as Dulcinea. The idealist knowledge which Don Quixote passed on to Dulcinea is one which certainly changed her and allowed her to gain respect for herself agian. It can ultimately be said that no matter what situation a person is in, change is always possible. Nothing is impossible.


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