is an action by a candidate or a member of staff that breaks the regulations
and potentially threatens the integrity and security of the examinations.
Control Committee, chief invigilator, hall invigilator and the members of the
administration play an important part in preventing and identifying malpractice.
The control Committee must store all confidential instructions, exam papers,
any audio-visual supplementary safe with the examination materials to avoid
candidates seeing them before the exam. This is important during practical
exams, where candidates may be able to see another candidate’s answers when
they move around the room. The invigilator must be aware that candidates may
try to communicate using instant messaging services.

must be aware of the consequences of malpractices. The Control Committee or the
Administration must brief and warn candidates about the consequences of having
unauthorised material in the exam room. The invigilator must:

the candidates to make sure they do not have any unauthorised material, for
example mobile phones or revision notes, in their possession before they enter
the exam room. If a candidate arrives late for an exam instruct them to hand in
all unauthorised material before they enter the room.

the students what action will be taken with regard the malpractice and shall
display the malpractice report. If a report is filed to the Control Committee,
the candidate who was found cheating shall be disqualified.

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invigilator must attach the supporting evidences in case of reporting a

invigilator shall avail the guidance of the chief invigilator in case of
reporting a malpractice.

candidate malpractice is found or suspected, the candidate is to be allowed to
continue his/her examination and the irregularity reported to the Control through
the Malpractice Report attached.

material is to be confiscated only where this does not include valuables (e.g.
mobile phones). Invigilators or Head of Centres are not to investigate
candidates’ mobile phone data.

is mandatory that the control committee and the administration should execute
the power to disqualify the candidates who, no matter of their course, level or
relationship, were reported for cheating.


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