Malcolm X

What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on? The details of Malcolm X being shot by a man of his own color, seven times by a man named Thomas Hagan. The writers focus on where the event took place. Malcolm X was a leader of the Black Nationalist Movement and he had followers. Thomas ran and he got shot in the leg by Malcolm’s X bodyguard. He was 22 years old and had several guns with him.

Each write also had one or two of Malcolm’s X follower put their pinion of what they saw and hope he did not die and If he did It be a fight bound to happen If that what they wanted. How has each writer organized the details that have been selected? Bear In mind that most news organizations present what they consider the most Important Information first and the least Important Information last. The most Important was how Malcolm X was shot and killed. They talk about the location and where Malcolm was shot and what he was doing at the time.

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They talked about the gun man and hat he was doing and how there was an argument that broke out, and Malcolm x said that was enough and to calm down and then he was shot and died. The shooter Hagan ran away and was shot in the leg by Malcolm’s bodyguard and then was gun downed by the cops. Also a few follower told the writers what they had seen and how it went in there mind. How does each writer interpret Malcolm X, his followers, the gunmen, and the significance of the assassination?

Malcolm was a black man hating he white folks and he had follower. Even though Malcolm was black his shooter was also black, but an argument broke out but no one knows what the argument was about. The gun man was a black man at the age of 22 years old and he shot Malcolm X several time at point blank range. There was 3 kinds of guns a . 38, a. 45 automatic, and a sawed off shotgun. Hagan allegedly shot Malcolm X with the shotgun, a double- barreled sawed- off weapon on which the stock also had been shortened, possibly to facilitate concealment.