No Fear Shakespeare: Macbeth

Macbeth was written by Shakespeare and is most commonly dated written in 1606. The monologue is about Lady Macbeth having blood on her hands, metaphorically speaking reflects on the guilt she feels for being a part in the murders in which her husband carried out. She immediately concludes that “the fastest way” for Macbeth to become king is by murdering King Duncan. This monologue is most effective as it enhances the fact that she feels guilty, which leads to her death. Preparation Process:

First and foremost, I studied the narrative to have a deeper understanding of her character as I wanted to recreate how Lady Macbeth is perceived to the audience. I started to look at how the monologue should be spoken to explore the element of vocal awareness. I concluded that by pausing before emphasizing an important word or concept helps construct a more powerful emotion for both the character and the spectators. Also by whispering and shouting helps to put the audience on edge as it illustrates confusion and suggests madness within the character of Lady Macbeth.

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By witnessing other monologues within the group also gave me multiple ideas of how my character needs to be perceived. I also looked at using vivid facial expressions and bigger gestures as this element will also be reflected in my tone of voice. It will also have a more realistic approach to the audience. In addition to this, I looked at having candles on the set to create that olden day vibe. By also wearing a black dress helps reflects on her manipulative personality. Interpretation:

I want to create an eerie atmosphere before Lady Macbeth approaches her monologue, by having a blackout with an authentic candle immediately creates a semantic field in order for the audience to uncomfortable by my character. It also makes the audience feel uneased by her presence as she has an intimidating approach by carrying the only source of light in the room. I am first going to be sat in the corner, with my head in my hands to indicate her character to be upset and construct the ironic theme; vulnerability.

To suggest that her character is growing stronger is reflected on the level of my character, as she slowly rises and then falls on the floor on her last sentence, to indicate the fact that her manipulative ways have failed, no matter how powerful she is perceived to be. By doing research, I want to perform the monologue in a different way to the original acting; this is to create a subliminal message towards her powerful attitude of being selfish and guilty. By having a theme of black on the set and in costume also help suggest that she has a dark secret that has slowly made her twisted and confused.