van Beethoven Symphony 5 in c minor, op. 67

This work illustrates triumph over
adversity. I learned that this was Beethoven’s first symphony in a minor key.
Although he was working on other pieces as well, Symphony No.5 had the preference
and was premiered at a famous concert on December 22, 1808. This symphony then
became popular and is now commonly used at inaugural concerts of new
orchestras. In addition, it also became associated with the victory during

For this reason, the symphony is
remarkable because of the fascinating energy from the first four notes. Importantly,
here Beethoven incorporated two alternate themes in the quite unexpected key of
A-flat major, which gives us a sense fear. Correspondingly, the second theme is
driven out by the trumpets and drums. Henceforth, the last movement is a
scherzo in a minor key and here we can hear the energetic trio in the bass
parts. Altogether, the music then returns quietly and fragmented. Then near the
end, we can hear a long and mysterious crescendo which leads directly to the
triumphant C march which will conclude the symphony. Throughout this symphony,
we can feel the progression of emotions starting from the opening of the
symphony in C minor to its triumphant ending in the C-major coda.

I heard the Symphony No.5 in C minor, op.
67- I. Allegro con brio, II. Andante
con moto, III. Allegro and IV. Finale: Allegro-Presto. I
personally preferred II. Andante con moto because of its slow crescendo. This
slow tempo made me feel more soothing which I really enjoyed. At the beginning
of the first piece I. Allegro con brio it gave me a sense of suspense and fear,
while III. Allegro seemed a bit happier it still provides a little suspense
along with a sense of pride. IV: Allegro-Presto was the piece that provided an
extraordinary sense of triumph and pride along with a more happier tone than
all of them. 

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