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Lucas Roberts                                NeutralityMany people disagree with the fact that the United States became involved in World War I. Some may argue that the United States was not being affected and therefore we had no business getting involved then the world economy, socio, economic, political, educational and human rights stage would all be different than they are now. For all of these reasons the United States should’ve been involved in World War .Anytime there’s a war, people have a constant fear that there will be many casualties. Initially the United States agreed that they would remain neutral. But as the war preceded, the United States found it extremely difficult to keep neutrality as they were trying to keep both sides happy. Many people saw this war as a matter that had nothing to do with them. There were also many immigrants in the United States that had ties to both sides of the war. On the other side of the argument is the fact that by staying neutral, people could say it was as if they were closing their eyes as if it wasn’t going on or even allowing the acts by not standing up. It wasn’t until over a hundred Americans were killed in 1915 along with a thousand other passengers aboard the Lusitania that people in the United States began to take a stance. Without the United States becoming involved, the world economy and therefore other platforms such as education, human rights and politics all would’ve been toppled over in another direction based on Germany potentially being the dominant world power. At the time the United States entered the war, the United States allies were exhausted and running out of soldiers and our involvement, including soldiers, supplies and support helped bring the scale back from Germany. If Germany would have won, it would’ve succeeded as a true world power. It is clear that they would’ve had the power and control for the years leading into World War II. That type of dictatorship would’ve influenced civil rights in terms of religion,race, gender and equality. The United States could be a lot smaller if we had continued out isolation from the war.              For all of these reasons, despite things going on in the world that seem like they do not have a direct impact on us, it’s my belief that we should always look at it from another lense, consider other possible scenarios and never be too big to think that it has nothing to with us and will remain unaffected, because everything ends up tying together in the end.Works Cited”World War I.” Ducksters Educational Site,”” First World – Feature Articles – If Germany Had Won World War 1…,