Locke was all about normal
rights, he felt the government must only have a very limited part in people’s
business, he felt that everybody has “normal rights”, so when the
“old GM” came to government and requested for a bailout, Locke would maybe
have felt that GM was giving up its normal rights? Also, they would no longer
be a free market since they were trade their souls to the government for a
bailout. Smith was a complete utilitarian viewer, he would have felt that if GM
would stay a free market and stay on its own, it would probably even prosper,
more than if it were to ask for the government’s assistance. Marx would claim
that it was privatization and capitalism ideologies that took GM to its knees.

2- The ideologies implied by
all of the persons referred to in question two are free market, free trade, and
capitalism which are the ethics by which our country has been founded. They
were speaking out in contradiction of the bailouts of GM and Chrysler as well
as financial institutions because they felt that this crossed the line into
socialism which they were clearly against. They clearly held the belief that
the government had no business in taking control of the financial destiny of
these companies. They got themselves into the chaos and therefore they should
get themselves out.

3- Should the bailout have
been done?  I know that the bailout cost
a lot of money and in the end just extended the inevitable of GM going
bankrupt. I feel it did assist the utilitarian way of thinking. All in all did
it go along with rights and caring? To an extent sure, because GM didn’t want
to cut the peoples jobs, but did they don’t give to anybody a choice as to
whether they as the public wanted to pay back their bailout? The answer is no! I
am not in favor of socialist ideologies. I have faith in in free trade and free
enterprise and privatization; However, I feel that some sort of mixed
government controls should be in place to hold private companies accountable
that get so giant that their lack of management and vision cannot affect our

4- The government has the right to take possession of 61%
of GM. Besides, it’s good for them because the government is getting a private
sector and 61% of GM is more than owning a company. Locke would believe that GM
has the right to property, but the government has a priority by owning 61 % of
GM. Plus, the theory of Smith and Marx would be desirable if the government
take the control of the company because they could manage the new GM better.

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