Living in a very traditional household everything was decided for me. Growing up life was difficult because I was expected to be the perfect daughter from my immigrant parents. It was overbearing because I had no say in my life. I always felt that I lacked a sense of self because I was living in my mother’s shadow. But as time went by and as I got older fashion became my escape. With magazines like Vogue, television shows like The Bratz, and movies like The Devil Wears Prada I became fascinated with the fashion world. At the time I didn’t know what career I wanted to take part in but all I knew was I wanted to be part of the fashion world. I remember telling my parents about majoring in fashion, they were against it because they thought that I would not have any success in fashion and that it wasn’t a respectable field. My parents pleaded for me to go into fields like nursing or law but I rebelled finally deciding to start my application for F.I.T. A month later when I received my rejection letter I thought maybe my parents were right, I was not meant for a career in fashion. So I enrolled in Kingsborough Community College as a criminal justice major. Honestly, although I was disappointed I was also thankful for getting rejected. I realize although I love fashion I was still conflicted if I really wanted to pursue a career in it because I always thought fashion was all about design and I wasn’t good enough. But during my time majoring in Criminal Justice, although it was interesting, I didn’t have any passion for it, so I decided to give fashion another shot. I went ahead and switched my major to Fashion Merchandising where I learned so much-like that there’s more to fashion then popular trends, there is this huge world of textiles, color/ trend forecasting, product development, marketing, laws, and business that all tie into fashion. In the two years I’ve spent as a student in Kingsborough the work has been demanding but I’ve become a lot more motivated and devoted, I understood the complex world of fashion and the elements of it. Despite the work being demanding I was still able to learn how to balance academics along with my work life. This is why I’m a perfect candidate for FIT because I’m determined and I know I have so much to offer such as the skill and knowledge that I have acquired in school, I want to continue learning. Also, I know that in order to succeed you’re going to fail time and time again but you must be confident in yourself and believe in what you’re going after, because if you don’t it would be hard to survive especially in the fashion industry due to the fact that it is a competitive field.     Besides fashion, I also have a love for traveling and for the past two years I traveled to many countries and in each country had taught me different fashion styles and cultures. One example is Gambia and Senegal, countries in west Africa where clothing are heavily influenced by prints and patterns, the beautiful part about this is the fact that it doesn’t stop at basic checked prints but, vibrant colors, the different texture of fabric used and the way the garments are constructed. Then there is London where the fashion style is very traditional and elegant, and in Paris there is this phenomenon of simplicity but long-lasting clothing. Traveling allowed me to push myself outside of my comfort zone it allows me to be curious and most of all appreciate other cultures. Wherever you travel to in the world, you’re introduced to different clothing styles, vibrant colors and patterns that are unknown to you which is the reason why I want to major in international trade and marketing, I want to be able to work with different countries becoming an international buyer. Seeing how fashion is viewed in a particular country and watching certain traditional pieces overflow into other culture is something I want take part in. Not only that, but the major itself yields in many career paths where you won’t be tied down to one career path you have the option to explore another.FIT is like a fantasy school and attending it will expose me to many opportunities that will allow me to further my education and take me a step further to reach my dream job.


I'm Dora!

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