1. Introduction

Information is power, in a world that many people thirst for
knowledge, be it in technology, self awareness, health and inspirational
messages. This is well packaged in books and they come in various forms. Technology
is a key factor that has led to easy passage of information from one continent
to another. Ebooks are affordable and easy to down a click on the link and one
is good to go.  Are you tired of carrying
paper in bulk, having to research on every sector in life, don’t go any further
check out on our new living life to the fullest eBook. It comes with unique
features that the reader will find interesting. Ever thought of an editable
book cover, free amazing images, these images come in 2D and 3D style, what’s
more with technology we have editable videos. A new approach to good reading.
The videos and photography is quality with a fine touch and outcome. This ensures
that each reader has a unique way of grasping creativity and learning new techniques
in book writing. Copyright free images, which are essential whilst editing the book.
This will enable you to truly live life to the fullest making reading enjoyable
and interesting. This product comes with editable infographics, viral images,
editable PowerPoint collage and for social media lovers there we are all connected.
This is a high quality eBook with details and it is an adventure to go through
all these new features. Get to learntge nitth gritties of sales and marketing, article
writing as you articulate grammar avoiding errors from all areas.

Get creative in the line of graphic design as you progressively
enjoy the new technology techniques in the book. Learn how to get details from
the photos. Learn how to o engage your customers effectively and thus creating
the link in social media.

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The brains behind this informative book is JR. A well
informed Lady with vast knowledge on technology, health, a good reader and a
great innovator.

What’s more the package contains 270 pieces for all those in
the enteprenual industry, sales and health. Health and wellness is important
for all as you get this book you will gain information on your body and its
well being. The launch will be on 5th February 2018.

Get a 50% commission once you make a sale and enjoy a cash
prize during a contest. Think about the secret to an enriched life, a life full
of progress with nothing retrogressive about it. Get all the details in here.
The book is in PDF format making it’s download easy and effective.


It is a good read and will be helpful to the entrepreneurs,
they get to learn the art of creating wealth,  ways of saving, instilling knowledge to their employees
and promoting growth in their line of career. For the employees they get to learn
the art of being creative in their careers, financial guide and family in
general. Through reading ng this book one will be creative through video
editing, photo editing, the part of health and wellness is important for each and
every person. For students they get to learn more on technology which has made
the world become a village. Through technology we connect from one end to
another, get clients easily and being a new eBook which can be sent via email and
social media platforms.

There are no shipping costs one can access the book via internet.
It is searchable via giigle and other search engine. This makes it cost

One is able to increase and decrease the size of the fints when
desired, it is environmentally friendly and saves on paper. With the paper
menace where people dispose off paper carelessly ebooks are of an advantage. The
book has a portability advantage because it is not bulky. With ebooks one can create
a folder and save them on cloud or on your desktop. The learnt ng process is
fast as the use of manuals available electronically makes work easy.

The product is great because it is affordable. The fact that
it can be downloaded makes it accessible and one can have it at the comfort of
his home. You can have it on phone, laptops and any portable PDF reader device.


With the editing one can put in something wrong and it goes
viral. Many vices are spread through social media and through graphic design
people make fake graphics through photoshop.  
Addiction to social media and cyber crimes and cyber bullying which has
led to loss of lives.   This is enabled through the access to internet
and social media platforms . incase there is no internet one can’t do much research
on the product.  The pricing is quite
affordable at 25 dollars plus commissions at 700 dollars makes one earn whilst
reading and marketing the product.

Piracy especially with the advantage of editing. This can
make an editor and the author lose on one end and run on losses. electronic
files, you can simply download them from the web. There’s no need to ship any
physical product halfway around the globe, and you won’t have to wait as long
as you normally would when ordering books from, say, Amazon.



1. Not convenient to read. People avoid sitting infont of a
desktop, latop or phone trying to enlarge fonts just to read. Since the book is
about health and fitness, gaining weight will be a factor, sitting down for
prolonged periods of time can cause muscle strain, backache, and even headaches.
This will make one lose concentration as one is trying to understand details
from the book. These are some of the health hazards that one experiences from

Printing cost.  Most
people like to read the books on paper hence would like to print the book. This
is a costly affair especially if the book is a long read. This also makes the
reader feel lazy especially if they don’t have vast knowledge on technology.
Live life full needs intellects hence breaking it down to an illiterate person
will be difficult. If you distribute an ebook, when printed it will be a costly


. Piracy. In the printed book world, people who want to
“share” your book will be emailed from one end of the world to the
other. There is no privacy and some of the information is distorted

All in all the benefits superseded the demerits grab a copy
and live your life full and happy. This is a deal that you can’t resist.








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