When I hear the word “Freezing”,ice will be the first one that will pop out of my head,why? Because for me ice is the simplest of of how to express freezing and it is a great example to easily understand freezing. Many people get curious of why do ice,that is liquid that turned into solid melts in water? Its because Ice will melt in any environment warmer than 32 degrees F. However if you are meaning air and water of the same temperature, then water will melt it faster because water is denser than air. Just remember your first principle of matter.

All matter is made up of molecules and molecules are always moving. Any matter denser than another will have more molecules to move around at equal temperatures. All this molecular movement creates heat. Heat will melt the ice. Freezing is important to all of us because it prolongs the freshness of an item and keeps it in a fairly as new state. Freezing will occur when it reaches 31 °C to 40 °C (89. 6 °F to 104 °F) Freezing is a change from a high energy state to one of lower energy, the molecules are moving less as their temperature falls.

They become more ordered and fixed in shape. When a substance melts the average energy level of the constituent molecules increases. The molecules are moving more rapidly and in a less ordered manner in a liquid than in a solid. It is this greater freedom of movement that allows a liquid to flow to touch the walls of its container whereas a solid is fixed in a rigid shape. This consideration of the energy of the molecules is known as the kinetic molecular theory.

With most substances the solid is denser than the liquid phase. As a result of this when freezing the solid will sink to the bottom of the liquid. Water does not behave in this manner. Ice is less dense than water and consequently ice will float on water. Water has its maximum density at 39°F (4°C). This is caused by hydrogen bonding, which in the liquid phase is unordered. When the water freezes to form ice, the molecules assume an open ordered pattern that allows the maximum amount of hydrogen bonding.

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