The topic I chose to write on was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Obviously this was significant for many reason, but the main reason I felt it was important was because it was the first assassination of a US President and it showed that the protection of the President was not to be taken lightly and the effect it had on the Civil War. Lincoln was a Republican, while his vice president; Johnson was a Democrat, who was himself from the South.

The dominant political party after the war was the Republican Party, the Radical Republicans. They wanted to turn the old Southern social order upside down and give blacks the right to vote, and also give them rights to serve in the government as well. Also, Union troops were stationed in the South to keep order. But, Johnson vetoed many of the laws that the Radicals tried to pass, but they ended up overriding Johnson anyway, since they were a very politically strong party.

Each rebellious state had to affirm its allegiance to the United States of America before it could join again. Also, Johnson, being a Southerner, was sympathetic to the South. So he let the South get away with a lot, and gradually allowed the old Southern social order to creep back into existence, which lead the way for much of the undoing of the Civil Rights that had been given to blacks after the war. In other words, the Old South had returned. All this was done because when Lincoln was killed, the Johnson took over.


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