Limonite beneficiation machine methods

First, limonite beneficiation machine ( limonite dry magnetic separator ) , a high magnetic field equipment , equipment used for low-grade weakly magnetic ferrous metal dry limonite ore dressing equipment ( limonite dry magnetic separator ) , can increase the disposable metal ore grade 5-18 . eneficiation machine device technology is mature , reliable, stable performance , advanced technology, after more than 1,000 customers have achieved good economic returns, users generally agreed that: limonite beneficiation machine ( limonite dry magnetic separator ) no nvironmental pollution, abandoned ore , slag can be effective development and utilization , improve resource utilization. Second, limonite beneficiation machine ( limonite dry magnetic separator ) Uses Limonite beneficiation machine ( limonite dry magnetic separator ) main function : to remove miscellaneous stone , improve quality and achieve sales.Impurity sorting equipment for poor limonite, manganese poor , poor weak magnetic hematite ore or slag of ferrous metals , the ore concentrate and miscellaneous stone of separation , thereby enhancing the metal rade concentrates .

Third, the advantages of limonite beneficiation machine equipment 1 , the device is a national patent products , exclusive domestic manufacturing . 2, the magnetic induction device magnetic roller up 120006S, the maximum can reach 1 50006S, with other devices can not reach the magnetic attraction to meet the low-grade ore efficient weakly magnetic sorting requirements. , sorting effect: Under normal circumstances sorting poor grade limonite can be increased by more than 10 degrees ; sorting limonite poor , poor grade limonite can e increased by 8 degrees . 4, the company provides users with limonite beneficiation machine ( limonite dry Magnetic Separation Machine) production line complete set of equipment and machines for customers on-site commissioning , operation and maintenance personnel training for users , to ensure the normal operation of the production line.Fourth, limonite beneficiation machine ( limonite dry magnetic separator ) works The 0. 5-5 mm ore into the hopper , vibration motor vibration through the fabric , the feeding amount can be precisely adjusted by hand heel . By dragging the magnetic roller speed motor , the speed of the speed table to be adjusted by the governor , to control production and concentrate grade magnetic separator .

Is fed by mineral particles on the magnetic roller conveyor sorting , as limonite ore particles magnetic, strong magnetic field is immediately attracted to the magnetic roller, while the gangue grains ( miscellaneous stone , sand ) the absence of a magnetic ( magnetic weak) , magnetic magnetic roller it does not produce suction, ith the rotation of the magnetic roller , mineral particles has been sucked on the magnetic roller , while the gangue grains in the magnetic roller to the front position was thrown out at the interval mine ‘s front panel (by changing the angle of every mine resizable panels concentrate grade ) , mineral particles continue to be taken to the magnetic roller automatically fall into a collection bucket for the anthology ore concentrate finished when demagnetized areas. Since the fall of the magnetic roller s also entrained gangue some weaker magnetic mineral particles , they will proceed to the next magnetic roll separator , the magnetic mineral particles of the finished gangue by tailings discharge port, thus ending magnetic processes. As the ore gangue been abandoned, so make the grade limonite improved . Limonite beneficiation machine ( limonite dry magnetic separator ) device power consumption is only about 4KW, magnetic input costs are quite low. if you want know more about it ,please visit my website: http://www. beneficiationmachine. net/


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