Lil Wayne featuring Drake and
Future was released Love Me in 2013. Getting women to “love” Lil Wayne is
actually what the song want to tell about. Lil Wayne discusses his sexual
fantasies and his sexual prowess. Furthermore, women had been  portrayed  by Lil Wayne as solely objects for men’s
desire, especially in the lyrics “She wake up, eat this dick, call that
breakfast in bed”. Additionally, the lyrics “And all she eat is dick. She’s on
a strict diet” and Lil Wayne’s treatment and thoughts of women and their purpose
in his mind shown in the lyrics” Baby just make me cum, Then don’t make no
sound” .

             In the music video, the images
presented are extremely disturbing. With images of women with leather bondage
whip, extremely tight bondage suits, and women in cages.  An especially disturbing image was the three
women in skin tight bondage suits locked up in metal cages, who seemed to be
intrigued by Lil Wayne. When they are shown out of the cage, they are all
dancing and grinding on Lil Wayne, thus the video is illustrating once again
the notion of women as mere objectsAs
of now (December 14, 2017), Love Me’s music video has reached 205,264,721 views
on This music video was launched on February 14, 2013. This video
was released on Valentine’s Day. With the launch of this music video, it
actually promotes free sex on that day and so on because what Lil Wayne tried
to convey was that way. This music video gets the number of views mentioned for
4 years and 10 months.             Love Me lyrics as a whole describe
that women are just as sex objects or it can be said that this woman is just a
lust. The song also often links women with alcohol, drugs and hedonistic
attitudes (extreme excitement that is the goal of a person’s life). The song
also often uses abusive words to symbolize a woman.

           The first part of the song (Pre-Hook: Future) states
that the man often uses drugs ie kush and wine for his satisfaction and he
states that he is very good using both. Next he stated that he could call the
bitch he wanted. From this lyric verse we can assume that the man ignores and
respects the rights of women as a human being. The man was inhuman and more
concerned with his lust. The third and fourth verses of the lyrics state that
without a bitch life he is meaningless and he feels there is less enough in his

           The lyrics for the second part(Hook: Drake) as a whole
indicate that as long as the bitch likes himself, as long as he can do anything
against the woman. Anything here means by doing something sexual to women. He
can do that without any hindrance from anyone.           The lyrics for the third part (Lil
Wayne)  actually explain that the man
invites the woman to have sexual intercourse without any silence, and she has
sexually violently and causes the audience and the listener to feel violent and
violent sexual intercourse relieves women and at the same time shows a pleasure
for the woman .While it does not reflect the real reality. In this case it also
states that the woman does not want money but the woman wants time with a man
to do the relationship.        There are certain part of the lyric
repeat. As a whole, the lyrics explain that women are often treated as sex
objects and often used to satisfy men’s greed. In reality, men should need to
respect the rights and dignity of women so that they are not oppressed and
treated like this. Women should also not allow themselves to be treated in such
a way.

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