Life’s Little Lesson: Smash Your Car

For most people, life is an adventure that must be traveled. Some even consider life as a collection of trials. But no matter how a person may view life, we are all given a chance to spend it in our own liking. This makes me remember a famous quote that says we must live our lives to the fullest. When we travel life, we have varying experiences that are etched in our memories. Some of these experiences may teach us lessons while some may simply reflect how effective we are living our lives. Life, for me, has always been filled with different twists and turns. Some of the memories were forgotten, while some remain fresh in my memory.

One of these memories that made me look at life differently, and made me cherish what I have is about my brand new prized possession, my car. A few years ago, I bought an expensive car that I always wanted. I worked really hard for that, and I know very well that I deserve my car. However, an incident happened that made my car a total mess. It happened on a chilly November morning. I was driving carefully in my brand new car, feeling really proud of myself for being able to reap the fruits of my labor. A very special person, my girlfriend, who kept on asking me to have her three friends brought home after her birthday party, was with me.

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That night, her continuous nagging was irritating me, and I was beginning to lose my temper. I was mad, and little did I know that I was actually losing focus on my driving. It seems as if I enclose myself in a bubble where I won’t be able to hear anything else. Soon, I found myself driving straight ahead, with an accelerating speed. Consequently, my car suddenly turtled and went on rolling towards the side of the road. It was a good thing that I did not hit any other car, nor did I involve anyone else in the incident. The people who drove by were not aware that an accident had happened, for we have fallen in the ditch.

Nevertheless, it was a good thing that none of my friends were hurt, or injured during the said incident. Since the car was in an awkward position, we had to climb out of the car through the passenger seat; the doors were jammed and it would be impossible for us to go out of the car through the door, clear of debris. All were safe, and I was thankful that none of us were hurt. The only thing that bothered me was the site of my car: it was a total mess. There was smoke coming from the hood, and all of the glass windows were shattered, so some were scattered on the floor.

I felt disappointed because all of my hard work was put into waste. Then I began to realize that it was a miracle that all of us were alive, and none were injured during the said accident. This experience made me recall of the testimonies of other people: those people who said they knew life’s secret after experiencing a near-death experience. These kinds of experiences made them understand that even simple things can make life better. These made them realize that luxuries are not that necessary to improve one’s life. Instead, life can be special by itself.

How ironical it is for me that from a bad experience, I learned loads of positive things. How many persons have learned the same lessons? How many persons have redefined life the same way I did? Whenever I remember that very incident, it made me realize one special idea: that this live I am living now is already my second life, my second chance to make a better person out of myself. As I look back and recall , I become thankful of the wonderful things that have been bestowed on me; undoubtedly, how the gift of life served as a miracle from my end.

I was astounded by the mere sight of my wrecked car, and how difficult it might have been for me if someone else was involved in the crash. I learned to appreciate life better, with the goal of living my life to the fullest. I wanted to be a better individual, whom parents can be proud of. Actually, I am lucky enough because it was not yet the end of the road when I learned my lessons. Some people only get the chance to realize what they must improve in their lives when it was too late for them to make any move. Mostly, some people die without them realizing that they haven’t lived their lives to the fullest.

However short, or however long, people live their lives, as long as they get to live it to the fullest that they can, appreciating every little detail, and trying to be the most of what they can be, they are not putting their lives to waste. What matters in the end is not how long you lived your life but how you made each days of your life worthwhile. Moreover, I realized that life is indeed a blessing; not everyone was given the chance to survive such a similar incident. I was saved from what might have been my final destination.

I was given the chance to actually think, and relive my life so that I can be a better person, both in my personal and professional life. As I move forward and live a simpler life, I look back and cherish the moments when my life was almost at its end. I learn to treasure even the simplest things that make life complete: family and friends. Now, I know how to value things right. I do not stop learning from the simple experiences that happens in my life. I am definitely a new and better person – because of the incident that I had experienced.