Life itself is a never ending experience where pages turn as seasons go by, days turn to months that turn into years and before we know it, the end arrives. Experiences are basically a reality of life no one can deny, they make us who we are, helps us through each and every day, constantly teaching us, and in the end leaving us like a seasoned warrior.

Surprisingly humans tend to forget the experiences; rather they shift their focus on reflections of their past experiences. The reason for this is that, as the pages of life turns, memories fade away and become a blur on the horizon of one’s perception.The hard lesson, however tend to be an internal part of the soul, and never diminishes away. They stay in that dark corner of one’s mind and control the person’s actions, plans and thought process. They remain in the dark corner until we began to reflect upon the past.

Rather than remembering the experience itself, we relieve on the pain, humiliation, suffering, success and lessons we learned. This stark meeting with the past enforces motives and plans in our mind at the times when we are about to abandon all hope.From that dark corner of our mind we are able to project an image of where we were in the past, where we are currently standing and where we want to be ourselves. These reflections enforce our beliefs and make us reevaluate and revive our values. They make us see, in bright lights, where we are actually standing and make us see of the path we are following to achieve our goal. This thought process reflects on our strategies in getting to our destination and can act as either a positive motivator or a dangerous depressor depending upon how we choose to see the lessons fate taught us.