Life in suburbia opposed to city life When choosing a place for you and your family to thrive entirely, it is very substantial to choose your environment wisely. Out weigh all of your pros and cons first, then make your decision. There is plenty of light to shed on to both sides of the spectrum. Life in the city, sure everything is within walking distance, and you don’t have to drive two miles down the street just to buy a gallon of milk; you can just go to a corner store literally 20 feet away from your door step.

Perhaps maybe you love being able to just pack your kids up in their stroller and walk to nearest museum or aquarium. Really convenient, wouldn’t you say? Also, the smell of the aroma of food from many different cultures stimulates your senses while you walk down the street. Culture is all around and it’s such a beautiful thing . Employment too, is easier to obtain seeing that there are plenty of more opportunities. Clothing and household appliances are usually cheaper due to more competition, and in return we get lowered prices. Gas prices are high? Don’t worry.

There is always public transportation, such as buses, trains and subways. The afore mentioned things can take you and your family just about anywhere, for just a fraction of the price of gas. What more could you ask for? Right? But, just like most things there is a negative side. Inner cities tend to be highly populated with crime. Such as robberies , shootings, human trafficking, and drug abuse and distribution. The list goes on. Also, Inner cities tend to be highly polluted due to all the cars, buses and manufacturing. There tends to be not as many trees and not very much plant life at all, due to the pollution problem.

Renting or owning a home can be expensive in some cities. Sometimes in highly populated places, both can be expensive, mostly because the high abundance of people wanting to live there. Yards are generally small and unsafe for children to play in. Traffic can also be a problem, seeing as there are more people there are a lot more cars on the street. It can be unpredictable, making you late for school or work. Noise pollution is also a problem, being loud neighbors or even sometimes gun shots depending on where you reside. Sometimes getting your children to sleep or even yourself for that atter, may seem like an impossible feat. The school system can also tend to be quite flawed, due to the lack of funding from the city. However, of all things mentioned, I believe that safety of your family should be the most important aspect. Living in an inner city puts you and your children through many risks that are not worth taking. Life in the suburbs, actually has a few of its draw backs as well. If you’re not familiar with living in “the burbs”, it may feel like you’re miles away from everything. Even the gas station, is driving distance. The opportunity to walk anywhere is pretty slim.

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Plus, there is very limited public transportation. Meaning, if you need to go anywhere, you have to drive there unlike inner city life. You might also find yourself far away from the work market, which makes employment hard to obtain if you aren’t already established. And, because most of the apartments and homes are newly built, rent and mortgage can be quite expensive. As for family functions or night life activities, there are not many resources. Crime is also still apparent, even though you’re not in the middle of the city. Hungry city dwellers are notorious or robberies in suburban areas. Last but definitely not least, the many perks of living in the suburbs. In the suburbs, you’re family has the opportunity to thrive greatly. The schools are usually adequately funded, meaning a great education experience for your children. Since the area has more funds, you can also most likely expect a great library as well. Safer conditions in the neighborhood are also expected, you can allow your children to play outside without as much worry as you would in the city. Yards tend to be larger, which I’m sure your children will appreciate.

And you could even take up gardening yourself. Air pollution not being such a problem, means less traffic. So, you don’t have to leave an extra hour before work just to get there in time. That of course, is unless you work in the city. With suburban life in mind, you should look forward to a slower pace of life. Less crime by far equals less temptations for your children are out there. Making them safer and at a healthier start in life. Because, I am a full believer that we are products of our environment. And children need a strong and solid foundation to build on.

It is up to us to provide them that and look out for their best interest. I too, found myself in a situation where I was needing to relocate for my family. But I feared change, such a silly thing to worry about if you ask me. But it actually consumed me for years until I was ready to make that big plunge. Relocating wasn’t easy, but most good things aren’t. But, I can definitely say that I don’t regret it in the least. My children and I whom now live in the suburbs are the happiest and healthiest that we have ever been. My children are now in fabulous schools, and can play safely in our yard.

Here, they can be kids which strengthens them emotionally and physically. I wouldn’t change it for anything. With everything that I have provided you with, I hope you take it to heart when deciding where your family should relocate to. Here in the suburbs, your family is destined to thrive and flourish. City life tends to be full of broken hopes and dreams and you have the power to change this as their parent. And if you think it’s impossible to achieve this, there are always resources out there that can help you. Believe me, I speak from experience. Audience: Inner city families looking to relocate.


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