LIFE had its own army with British officers

LIFE IN AREA BEFORE EUROPEANSLife in India was good before British rule. They were trading and selling food products, jewelry and more. India has produced and continues to produce some of the best jewelry designs with gold, silver,  platinum, and diamond. The designs are loved and ordered around the world. So India selling their products to other countries was a big deal for them. India that time was considered “Jewel of the Crown”. EUROPEAN TAKEOVER AND FORM OF IMPERIALISMThe British and India’s relationship started through trade. In India, Britain was represented by the British East India Company. The company had its own army with British officers and Indian soldiers (Sepoys) which were all Hindus or Muslims. The 23rd of June 1757, the British East India Company won the Battle of Plassey. That gave Britain the rule of India for almost 200 years. This rule lasted until 1947 and it was called Raj. After the industrial revolution, Britain started producing more goods than any other country. And after colonizing the country, India became Britain’s raw material supplier, or as they called it, the “Jewel in the crown”. Britain even developed a railroad network in India, to improve the transportation of raw materials. LIFE UNDER EUROPEAN RULEMost of India was under British control by 1850. The British tried to convert Indians (In India) to Christians which made conflict. By 1858, entire India was directly under British rule. From that point on, Indians were uniting for freedom. From British rule, India’s wealth was drained so down that they cannot be recovered. Cotton industries in India went bankrupt due to the British wanting to sell their own products. Food production in India was reduced because of the Opium being produced and selling Opium to other countries. The British demanded India produce raw materials. This messed up India’s economy so hard that it’s almost impossible to recover from it.