time imprisonment denies anyone freedom and serves as a turning point to some
inmates who turn to a new leaf.

a particular person to completely eradicate the death punitive action, one is
required to forward a case to the Supreme Court by providing a writ of a
mandamus or prohibition which is a long procedure. However, an individual may
show up and appeal against the sanction once it is issued. In order to be successful
and win the case in the court, provision of the required evidence is very
crucial since it is the only proof of any actions carried out. This is meant to
reveal the sentence that the offender is supposed to face is unconstitutional.

doing away with the death penalty, it does not necessarily mean that the crime
rates will increase. Since as it is present the social evils still prevail in
the society without any action being taken regarding the rising issues. It
therefore means that the punishment will not prevent the criminals from
carrying out the activities that they are intending and have planned to
implement. However, it is clear that the States that practice the activity have
higher murder rates than those that do not embrace it.

offender’s background determines the outcome in most cases. According to the opposers
of the death penalty, the action is carried out to those individuals who come
from lower economic backgrounds thus promoting class bias. Moreover, racism is also
prevalent for instance the white Americans subject the punishment instantly
on  realizing that it is being imposed to
the black Americans especially if the case involves a white American victim.     

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religions prohibit this kind of punishment with only a few accepting the
practices in the society claiming that they serve as a lesson to the
individuals who take away innocent lives.  The inmates are not chosen randomly but the
one with the worst case comes first in the list of the particular individuals
that are supposed to be executed. The prosecutors and family members of the
victim strongly believe that failure to conduct a death penalty on a criminal
may not portray fair play as some people suggest that life imprisonment would
serve as the best lesson.

to the authorities, the sentence creates moral order in the society. It is
clear that capital punishment saves the lives of many individuals. Any crime
committed should not be over punished or under punished meaning that the
punishment to be issued should fit the crime that was performed.

that do not deserve to die should be released to the public and acquire
freedom. Despite the feelings that the opponents of the death penalty have,
they should always consider the families of the brutally murdered and in most
cases innocent people. When criminals serve the jail term as they wait for the
appeal, many get involved in the same social evils that had made them end up in
jail and become a threat. Death is definite to the inmates and the only thing
that may be offered to them during such moments is comfort as they await the
defined time.


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