Let’s suppose there
is a big storm outside right now and you are tempted to study. The only thing
stopping you from going to your class is the BIG STORM and you are a type of
person who goes with the quote “The Future Of The World Is In My Classroom TODAY- Ivan
Welton Fitzwater” and you do not want to miss any opportunities or miss any classes, what
do you do then?

learning is one of the best upcoming trends in the education sectors all over
the world. This is a type of learning where it is done through the internet with
the help of modern technologies e.g. Laptops, Phones and Computers etc. This
mode of learning has been made easier, in e-learning there are no classrooms.
The students study from a place they are most comfortable with, from a place
that is most convenient for them. So that they don’t have to come out in the
big storm and head for classes. In this case they acquire learning material
online. The study material could be in text or notes, audio, images and videos.
Online programs are of equal value to on-campus programs in term of overall
work load and entry criteria. The only difference is the way it is delivered. As
an online learning student, you will:

Earn an internationally recognized degree

Be taught by academics working at the leading edge
of your field

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Be part of a rich and diverse online community

And if you are
wondering how will the students interact with other online students? online courses
have a solution for that. This program can interact online students with other
students in a number of ways. They use a variety of platforms to deliver
content and allow you to interact with other students. Platforms include:



Virtual Worlds (Second Life)

Video Streaming Service (Vimeo or YouTube)


Nevertheless, everything has
advantages and disadvantages, people often think online students are not smart
enough for a traditional university. They say online students are lazy, and
they don’t get “real” degrees. These claims discourage a high majority of people
from taking online courses, so they get stuck in the traditional educational
system that consumes a huge deal of money, nerves and years of their lives. Here
are some advantages for taking online courses:



Don’t think
about going through that heavy storm just for attending a
class for hours, sitting in an uncomfortable chair and suffering from back pain
at the end of that long day. You will not be bound to physical class session
when you opt for online course. All lectures and material are provided via
online platforms, so easily access them from the comfort of your home. You do
not have to spend money on transport or anything. 


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