Lessons websites and others’ researches I was more


ü  This topic is very interesting so I learnt a lot of new things as I
was referring to different websites and others’ researches I was more
enthusiastic to learn some extra things about the interest of western in middle
east region, so I learnt that the interest of western specially America
appeared since along time back which is from 1920 onwards and I did not know
this before.

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ü  I also learnt that western countries were eager to the region
because of the oil of region as most of middle east countries have a lot of oil
and western don’t have.

ü  Many war happened because of western in the region as conspiracy
was there that Iran and Iraq war during Saddam Hussein happened because America
created that war in order to import oil at low price as we know those countries
at war spend more so they need to have a source of income and at that time Iraq
used to extract more oil and sell at low price to U.S.

ü  I learnt that western benefit form region in many ways like access
to oil and keep track of the terrorism. If they are in the region, then they
are able to chase the terrorism and they are more aware about the region.

ü  I also learnt that U.S. benefit from supporting Israel in many ways
that is why in case of Palestine and Israel war U.S. is allies of Israel.

ü  I learnt that the interest of western countries are diminishing in
the middle east because some of them extract oil from other ways as U.S extract
it from one kind of stone.

ü  Another interesting thing that I learnt was citation, we studied
citation in Research Methodology but not practically, here I learnt how to do
it practically as I have given references to those literature reviews from the
information that I got from the journals and entered them in the “Insert
Citation” menu bar under References menu so I learnt a lot from this topic and
I found it very interesting.

for Future

As per my understanding from this study there are many options  available between the West and the Middle
East in the future which are good for middle east as well as western countries,
though they chose different ways in order to reach to the oil of middle east
countries like there was conspiracy that the major cause of war between Iran
and Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s presidency was America and many similar cases
happened to some other middle east countries by other western countries as
well. So I recommend that they can be present in middle east because of
globalization and they should follow the following three scenarios which are
available for them.

First, a large-scale project on par with the Marshall plan could
radically transform the institutional and cultural realities in the region,
which would eventually lead to a more balanced relationship between the East
and the West, though it may be competitive but is still useful for both.

The second is that the west should work on its solar resources in
middle east countries because they have enough capital and there is market
available for their capital in middle east countries so why do they choose the
worst way in order to benefit from the middle east when they have other

The third is the Middle East should use from the resources of
western countries effectively and efficiently in order to become independent from
the invasion of western countries.In any case, there are clear signs that the
West will stay in the region and would be beneficial for both west and middle
east. So, if it continues to develop its solar energy production, the West may
again turn its gaze towards tapping the energy resources of the region.