Learning process

In this assignment I will be discussing what my learning process is, in order to achieve his I will be explaining what influences by learning, theories of learning, skills for learning and what learning opportunities I have.

The factors that influence my learning are; time constraints, learning style, learning environment, learning resources, attitude and self-discipline.

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Time Constraints

This influences my learning as time is valuable when at work or college especially when deadlines are involved. In order to achieve and aspire to what I want to do I try to attend lessons on time and try to be very punctual so that I do not miss any valid information that may be beneficial to me. A barrier which can occur that will cause a barrier to my learning would be if I do not organise my time correctly and as a repercussion of this is will miss deadlines and hand in late work.


This can influence my learning and can create barriers to my learning as relationships i.e. friends, family, peers can peer pressure me into not doing my work and to go out and socialise with them which can make me late when handing deadlines in and can make me late for some lessons which may lead me to missing out on information. Also relationships can be a bad influence as they can distract you from your work and they can also change your behaviour and attitude towards something for example; if your friend is in a relaxed, I don’t want to do work mood then it spreads and makes you feel like you don’t want to do it.

Learning Environment

This influences my learning as then I can’t concentrate on my work if the atmosphere is crowded, noise, if the temperature is too hot, lack of resources. Other than that home life can also be a distraction as when at home I don’t particularly want to do my work I just want to relax so if doing work at home I tend to put my work off which then affects the deadline dates.

Learning Resources

This influences my learning as if I don’t have the right resources then i would not be able to complete my work which would lead to deadlines not being met which might affect my overall grade. When trying to achieve my target I use a variety of different resources such as; computers, textbooks, newspapers etc. As this will show that I have expanded my knowledge and full researched into it. Having a range of resources is also handy to use a range of resources as it will help to back up the evidence that I have inserted into my work.

Attitude ; Self-Discipline

This influences my learning as my attitude will affect my work. If I feel motivated I will then enjoy it more and attend more which will boost my attendance up. However, if I don’t feel motivated I will not get on with work and wont enjoy it and if this happens no work will get done and I will fall behind on my work. When trying to achieve I remove distraction from where I am working or I will move myself if not able to move the distraction. If I self-discipline myself I will achieve what I am targeting for as well as meet deadlines. To self-discipline myself, I normally get rid of my valuables so that I can’t distract myself.

Theories of Learning

There are two theories of learning and the people who created them are; David A Kolb and Honey and Mumford.

Kolb said that in order to learn properly there are four different stages that you encounter and these stages are; Concrete experience, Observation and reflection, The formation of abstract concepts and Testing in new situations.

This theory can benefit and influence the way I learn as if I use this theory then it will help me to organise my work and help to analyse what I’m doing in order to make sure I am doing it right. The Active Experimentation stage would help the way I learn as I can reflect what was being done and ways that will help to prevent all the mistakes and errors that occurred. Kolb’s all about the personal experience and doesn’t take others consideration into account.

Honey and Mumford have also created a theory and this was that different people fit into four different learning styles which help an individual to learn and these are; Pragmatist, Activist, Theorist and Reflector. Pragmatist is someone who likes to try out new activities and projects, links specific projects to their goal and achievements, impatient will long term tasks and are practical with down to earth personalities. An activist is someone who likes new things, they are very enthusiastic about new tasks but tend to get bored if the project runs over a long period of time, they love being practical, they act first and think later and they tend to work in groups but like to take the lead. A theorist is someone who thinks logically about what they are doing and like to formulate a plan of action before getting on with a task, They are cautious and like to go in-depth of what they are doing, They are perfectionists who like things done a certain way and tend to take a step back and observe everyone.

Learning Styles

Within the questionnaire that I did I have came out to be a visual and auditory learner which means that I learn best by watching someone carry out a task or listening to what they are saying which shows that my practical side if my weakest learning method. In relation to the Honey and Mumford theory I would have said that I am a theorist as I think that is the way I learn and what I do within a group task. However, being a theorist may have a negative side as over thinking into work can lead to doing more than what needs to be done or might over complicate things which can cause a barrier as I can get very stressed over it.

Skills for learning

The skills that I have developed for learning are organisation as this will help my learning as I will organise my work as in what needs to be in first which will help me to meet my deadlines and targets. Planning my work also is a skill that I have developed as I can now create a plan or what I should do within one day and how long I think I can do to complete it which helps to motivate me as I have a bit of competition to compete against. In addition, interpersonal skills are helping me to learn and improve the way I deal with people and the way I react to them which will also help to enhance my placement and let me get the most experience out of it.