Learning is a continuous process and, knowledge is acquired through learning.While I was a child, I was fascinated by the ‘green boards’ found in devices like TV remotes, Televisionsets, Radio, etc. I sure was not aware of what they were at that moment, but as I grew as up, I developeda liking towards them and started discovering about them. Ever since I learned the transformation ofcomputers from a room-sized system to a palmtop, it provoked me to study the factors that are involvedin establishing such significant model and progress. Though I wasn’t able to grasp the electronicnuances, it was then I discovered how electronics would be a perfect choice for me.My decision, of opting for Science as my major in high school, made me believe in myself. I distinctlyrecall how it all began; during my initial days in High School, I participated in a science exhibition andit was then that I realized the interest turning into passion. I was introduced to the concepts of electronicsand electricity at a very young age. The way those subjects were taught, I can say, they becamesteppingstones for me and were also the reason, why I decided to pursue my studies in electronics. Andthence, I took Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from one of the reputedinstitutions in India (Nirma University).Various subjects and additional courses were introduced to me during the course. This additionallearning helped me develop the ability to apply theoretical concepts into practicality. The subjectslearned during my undergraduate study helped me develop a strong interest towards what was comingin my way; which undoubtedly is opportunity to learn and execute the learning. Applying the knowledgepractically was more fun and drew my soul towards learning more. After learning subjects likeEmbedded Systems, Data Communication and Networking, Digital Integrated Circuits and so on, Ifound my proclivity for Embedded systems.Attending workshops gave me a different kind of practical exposure. A workshop titled, ‘How to makea Line following Robot’, conducted by a group of enthusiasts is something which made me enrol foradditional learning courses dealing with microcontrollers. I thoroughly studied the data sheets of eachand every microcontroller at my disposal, in order to make my projects were efficient. In the course,Microcontrollers and Computer Architecture, I was taught the basics of 8086 microprocessor and in thelaboratory session, I was taught about the working of 8051 microcontroller.Opting Microprocessors and its Applications as an elective boosted my thrust for more knowledge andthe restless mind always allowed me to read more and experiment. Through the learning, I developedseveral projects on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 8051 Microcontroller, Arm Microcontrollers and severalFPGA kits. It seems like there is no particular discipline which can be called the best, hence I enrolledand completed several MOOC courses, and, study from various online courses on Python, WebDevelopment, Machine Learning and Game Development. After getting exposed to this dimension ofsubjective learning, I had developed an Artificial Intelligence Game in which various Machine LearningAlgorithms were used and compared as I had taken Machine Learning- As my Minor Project Topic inmy seventh semester.The final study of the efficiency of these Algorithms made me author a technical paper on exhaustivecomparison of all the algorithms, which, will be sent for GUCON 2018, a conference for techenthusiasts. Researched based learning was always at focus and so my research skills were furthersharpened by presenting on various topics such as the Different classes of Shakti Processors, Sold StateDrives.Delivering the learning to the new-bees is something I love doing. With this being at focus, I conducteda seminar on the topic of Quantum Dot Technology. My current research is based upon ComputerVision, in which a disparity map will be created using simple image manipulation, which will be furtherused to identity the distance of an object from a 2-dimensional image.STATEMENT OF PURPOSEBhaumik U Jain Masters in Embedded Systems Fall 2018For my Industrial experience, I have interned at Elecon Power Systems Pvt Ltd. During my tenure, Iwas taught about the Ladder-logic language which was used in the Programmable Logic Controller(PLC). Various tasks were given and the output always encouraged me to take up more challenges inlife. For my 8th Semester internship, I have been selected as an Intern in Defence Research andDevelopment Laboratory, Hyderabad, where I would be learning and developing projects on kerneldevelopment.I am not just a flesh of electronics love or knowledge, I did put myself in various aspects of life. I am afootball enthusiast and ever-ready to play, along with which I am a self-taught beatboxer, passionatedancers and culture admirer. Apart from this, I used my technical skills, when I was appointed as theTechnical Head of the Rotaract Club of Nirma Institutes (RCNI), in which we organized various culturaland non-cultural events. In the support of Teach Mission of achieving 100% literacy rate, we hadorganized a fund-raising concert and a live comedy show with a footfall of 10000 and 4000 peoplerespectively. Also, we went around the city and taught different subjects to underprivileged students.Furthermore, I also worked as the Graphic Designer for RCNI, where I created variegated posters,banners and annual magazines.After reading through the graduate program literature and the department website, I am convinced thefaculty and the facilities in your university are excellent and the environment is highly conductive foreducation and research. Thus, I strongly desire to continue my further education and search at yourUniversity. If given an opportunity, I assure you my dedication and diligence and my desire to excelwould allow me to make a remarkable contribution to the University.If intellect can find the right question; then learning and research will help find the answer.Looking forward to Graduate Studies at your esteemed University.


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