These days Internet based-courses have become a popular alternative to unlverslty based courses. Some students prefer this type of learning because they do not need to attend lectures. Others argue that it is important to study at university. Discuss both these views and give your opinion Nowadays IT progress provides a new way concerning education : the possibility of online university’s courses, which is an advantage for some students, who prefer study at home.

Whereas attending lectures is more favorable for others. ld try to discuss these two points of views and I would give my opinion. First of all, Internet based-courses allow a considerable flexibility because the students can learn when they want. This possibility of work at their own pace Is a freedom, which Is an obvious advantage for those who need to have a job to pay the fees of the studies. Moreover if some students cannot go to the university because of a disability or a hospitalisation, they will follow the courses from home or from the hospital.

Also this odern way of education avoids a kind of discrimination by this accessibility on Internet. However It Is not surprising that other students prefer to attend lecturers. Firstly, learning online involves an important responsibility and huge skills of organisation. Studying online courses demands to concentrate more than for a university course, which Includes a limited time If the students are not rigorous, they cannot resist to the temptation of others online entertainments such as chatting with friends or playing games.


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