Waiting time There are some main problems that causes unnecessary waiting time. First of all the casting machine often breaks down and this kind of stop results in a lot of waiting time for the process and the workers. To repair a broken down machine takes at least 3 hours up to 12 hours. When the machine breaks down the production in the melting work centre is stopped which for example makes the level of inventory increase.

Since the company only have one machine there are a lot of unnecessary aiting time at stops and reparations unlike they had got two machines. In the melting work centre the workers also observe the process and wait for the alloy to melt. Then the workers are waiting for the right temperature in the furnace for 20 min. Unused employee creativity Since it is a lot of waiting time in the system some of the workers creativity is unused. The casting manager has responsibility for planning and coordinating the work between the team leaders.During the evening or night shift the team leader takes the role of the casting manager which make us wonder if the casting manager is really necessary or if he could be replaced by the team leaders also during the days.

During stops of the machine both the casting and melting operators are walking, carrying equipment and do some lifting for two hours which could be avoid if they had tools and equipment in right place. Some movement of the heavy items is done by operators, rather than machines which is a total waste.