Lastly, which is an extremely important book written by the famous
author “Jane Jacobs”, called “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”
in (1966). In this book jane Jacobs was sending a message to the postmodern
architects, stating that they should look at what’s happening to the street and
how neighborhoods work in relation to the urban form. How the buildings that they
were exploding and eliminating, actually give an idea of a collective memory to
the surrounding space. Jacobs emphasized the buildings as elements in the
cities that last for centuries,  to give a
deep understanding of the relationship between architecture and history, not
the idea of postmodernism which was basically to sweep away the old buildings
and replace them with new innovate ones. Unfortunately that aspect of throwing
away the old and replacing it, is still happening until now, with architects.

An example of this is mentioned in the extract “The Architectural Uncanny”.

Essays in The Modern Unhomely pg. 177-186. In the “Posturbanism” section by
Anthony Vidler (1992). Where an extract is mentioned by “Albert Camus” of him explain
how postmodern building carry no significant meaning to the city they’re
located in, how they will be forgotten, because a new building will be built
after it right away. This contradicts his perspective about the “renaissance period”
where buildings were like “monuments”, they carry a significant meaning to the


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