Korkut’s (2018) theoretical article explored the importance of instructional planning and that quality lesson planning is accepted as an important indicator of teacher knowledge and ability investigated the use of an analytic rubric to better assist teachers creating a creative drama lesson and evaluate teachers using creative drama lessons. To prevent teachers from downgrading their lessons by using drama to only add some variety and merely including random games and activates (Korkut, 2008). Korkut (2018) goal for the study was to develop an analytic rubric that would be used to evaluate creative drama lessons. When approaching the creation of the rubric the designs used were top-down and bottom-up. Top-down, the rubric emerges from an imposed conceptual framework while bottom-up is analyzing work samples. The rubric was first design top-down and then used by Korkut (2018) and another expert on a sample lesson plans.

Another expert graded the same lesson plans without the rubric. Korkut (2018) then developed the rubric bottom-up, a language expert review it, and then directed on 75 creative drama lesson plans, “by pre-service English Language Teaching students as part of their Creative Drama Course” (Korkut, 2018).   Korkut (2018) concluded that the indicator of a successful teacher is being able to plan a lesson and that lesson plans are evidence of a teacher’s development and success in teaching. With the development of the rubric for creative drama lesson plans, it improved planning efficiency and allowed results to, “be shared more easily in the form of structured feedback” (Korkut, 2018). The rubric is more useful when it is implemented over the course many years or on a several amount of lesson plans (Korkut, 2018).This article benefits teachers that the author went into detail of the steps taken to create a rubric to help evaluate creative drama lesson plans and help teachers to better plan their lessons.

These steps could be used to create rubrics for other types of lessons. The article also proves the rubric and an example of a lesson plan that has been evaluated using the rubric. The rubric is used to help teachers of various content areas to help teacher implement more creative drama lessons, which is already consider to be very beneficial to help students with their learning.