Kings CrossDon’t know it well but it should be much higher up the list that 110M+1Like Fulham on a bad nightM Iv’e stayed in Kings Cross, & it’s all prostitution & drugs down there on the station.M+1Not Excepted Marios In The WorldMnewV 1 CommentVoteE151RomfordThere was an incident a few months back, it didn’t happen in Romford but it was done by the Romford ‘station gang’ I was walking by with a few mates and there was an alleyway, we heard noises coming down the alleyway, long story short I peaked down there to see a young boy, around 15/16 crawling out, he had been stabbed, he was saying he was meeting those boys as friends, but these friends of his ended up robbing and stabbing him for an expensive piece of clothing he had on, a police van pulled up and tried to help the boy but he wriggled away from there arms and tried running, with blood dripping from him, they asked why he wouldn’t give away names or why he was so worried about the police, he was in an ambulance eventually, I stayed with the boy, an officer asked why he wouldn’t tell the officers the people’s names and why he was so worried about the police, his reply was chilling, he said “you don’t know what these people will do, they know where I live they know my family, please …moreM Scary area, one primary gang but many Gangs from around East London come here, they wait outside the clubs with guns and knives waiting to rob people, I’ve lived here for 2 years I’ve been robbed twice and my mate got stabbed, definitely stay away from the station area and the libertyM I live in rainham but romford may look like a nice place, but the people there are WHACK. People getting stabbed for no reason at all, stupid gangs filled with morons and Kids are doing drugs here to there, even 4 kids in my school have been caught doing this and they all got suspended. This is why I try to avoid this place when it gets dark. – ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZM My friend took her 3 year old for a walk in the buggy a few weeks ago and two white males around 35 years old ripped off her lepoard print hijab and strangled her witit. The child is traumatised.MnewV 3 CommentsVoteE152CranfordI totally agree Wally is an eternal disease that haunts this area. If you ever come here he’s the first thing you’ll see having a fight with one of his many side tings. ABSOLUTELY ABYSMAL!M Cranford are full of nerds such as Wally who would rather proclaim he’s from other areas such as Hayes, Southall and Greenford because of the fight that kicked off this time last year. The community college is a joke. the place looks like a joke.M+1VoteE153West DraytonEven though the London Borough of Hillingdon is run by the Conservatives, the area of West Drayton is run by Local Labour Party Councillors, just like Hayes. Its no surprise that West Drayton is a dump. Thank You Labour Party.M+4Up and running suburb with crossrail soon to come with 20 minute journeys direct to bond street and 35 minute journeys to canary wharfM How to make West Drayton a better place? Wipe out all the Pikey Scum. May I suggest airstrikes?M+2V 4 CommentsVoteE154Gants HillVoteE155EastcoteLovely, safe placeM+3Boomy area don’t wanna come across the wrong dons you can hold some serious smokeM You’ll get shanked up if you’re not known round hereM Opps everywhereMnewV 4 CommentsVoteE156DalstonDalstons still got a bad rep but it ain’t really that bad any more, its got more arty, which is great for me because I like art scenes, new bars and clubs popping up, its like the new shoreditch, well trendy part of LondonM+2VoteE157Muswell HillThe only thing scarier than a black man is a white man who thinks he is black, and muswell hill is full of them. They make ‘hood’ videos at Alexandra palace, shot weed, and ride mopeds. These men have no mercy. They will beat you in the street just to hide the fact they live in a 8 bedroom house and their dad is called Hugo.M+1Terrible place all the white people think they black from. New York City and instead of selling cocaine the sell cigar weed to making themselves look gangsterM Load of crap – muswell hill remains a pleasant area to live in and work in – are people simply jealous? My background is tunbridge wells – beautiful safe area where people speak to each other as they pass by.M+2I live here 1,5 year 2015-16. It is very good area to live, Alexandra Palace is close by, Muswell Hill Broadway is very good. I had lived in Highgate before for 6 years, it is very calm area for olderly people, high street is very poor and tiny, yes we had there a couple of parks around, but I like to do shopping too, not only walking – so bored there.Muswell hill is more alive, lots of things to do. It has even gastropab Clissold Arms.I would wish Muswell had nice fish bar with proper oysters and lobsters that is it.MnewV 2 CommentsVoteE158Charlton DownVoteE159Willesden GreenHome of the Willesden Blood Gang – As17M+1Person who wrote the last comment chatting bad ill tump him up. Yh willesden does bits still but its not like the minute you walk in you just see black people everywhere ffs. Some wasteman their… But yh willesden does bits stillM+2The closer you get to Dollis Hill Stn, the more it stinks of ghetto ass n—-r infestation!M VoteE160CharltonV 1 CommentVoteEPSearch List76789109Recommended ListsBest Countries in the WorldfunkymonkeyBest Armies in the WorldbumpyfaceTop Ten States in Indiachander007Top 10 Most Well Trained Special Forces On EarthCountries With the Hottest GirlspreachinpreachTop 10 Best Countries to Live InkallesvensonTop Asian CountriescruxrifterWorst Countries to Live InMost Famous CountriesfireratTop Ten Most Militarily Powerful CountriesShoobTop 10 Best Sounding LanguagesTop Cities in the Philippineshatcher234Top Ten Most Popular U.S. StatesTop Ten Stupidest CountriesMost Racist States In the U.S.samuelMCL7Most High Tech Countriesbrowney115Most Possible Future SuperpowersBest LanguagesroblistAsian Countries With the Most Beautiful Girls With Natural and Original BeautyView MoreFeaturedPopularLatestTop 10 Most Anticipated Disney Movies of 2018Top 10 Rock and Metal ProducersTop 10 Video Games of 2017Best Songs of 2017Best Online Tax ProvidersBest Car Insurance CompaniesBest Fitness Center Chains and Gym FranchisesBest Credit Repair CompaniesBest Alternatives to YouTubeBest Web Hosting CompaniesRelated ListsTop Ten Places In London With the Best NamesTop Ten Nicest Places In LondonTop Ten Most Dangerous Places to PoopMost Dangerous Places In Vienna, AustriaNicest Affordable Places to Live In LondonList Stats5,000 votes196 listings5 years, 68 days oldTop Remixes (10)1. 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