CSCI 5708

January 28, 2018

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First Application: BITE


to application:


Bite is a novel community style
cooking application. People post the photos of their favorite dishes and then
other community members make them and provide thumbs up or down. With those
ratings, other community members decide what’s good and what’s bad.

The app also lets consumers decide
what to eat next and it has become a lot easier with this application. Eating
out is not boring any more at the same places.

This application brings the
transparency between the consumers and the restaurants. In this app some new
updates have been installed like a couple of exciting tickers for the users to
stay update on the feeds.


I chose this app because I always felt
the need of having an application which can let me skip the hassle of reading
long reviews and decide my next dish with just one swipe. I can also recommend
others to try the flavorful food I liked and enjoy it. As I am a big foodie
like many others, so this app is an essential use for all the food-lovers out


of application: Food and Drink


Technologies: Java for Android, the database for storage, Google maps/ GPS for
tracking location, facebook and instagram Rest API for integration, google API
for sign in integration.



The user
interface is user friendly.

The app is
revolutionary as it lets user discover based on distance and budget.

In the edit
profile section in the settings, a feature to add website links and Instagram
account has been provided.

The app provides
improved performance.

With the nice
cameras that everyone has, it will provide user with an idea of how the food looks
to real customers and not just pictures from menus and commercials where things
are fabricated.

Help users to
find their next food easily.



Bite focuses on
reviewing dishes and not restaurants.

Swipe option is
available to discover and find next food dishes.

Easily access the
information regarding nearby restaurants.

Lets one decide
themselves if the dish is worth or not.

The concept of
the app is brilliant, and it has great UX.

It has a very
simple user interface.

The pictures
posted are clear.

It’s easy to get
the prices and location.

It is very
straightforward, impressive and very convenient for everyday use.

It allows user to
signup using Facebook or Instagram account.



The app needs
access to the media, files, location, pictures.



Setting for
radius regarding location can be improved. For example: If there is a need for
food suggestions or posts within 30 miles of the current location, so posts as
per that criteria should show up on the screen.








First Heuristic Evaluation: Visibility of system status

· Are users being made aware
of what is going on?

Yes, users know
what is going on. For example, when we try to see the dish item, it pops up
with an option to swipe right and add the dish to the bookmarks.

· For user action,
is appropriate feedback being provided within a reasonable time?

Yes, I observed
appropriate feedback is provided to the user within a reasonable time. For
example, Once the user has added an app to the bookmarks, user can leave a
comment stating views about the app to the other users. It also provides users
with an option to categorize it under taste, portion and Recommendation for


Second Heuristic Evaluation: Help users recognize, diagnose and
recover from errors

 · Are error messages

Yes, error
messages are provided. For example, I try to check-in in offline mode, error
message is provided. If there are no dishes or reviews in any specific area,
the app informs and pops up with the message. Incase of any errors during login
sessions, it shows the message on screen and lets user fill the remaining

· Do the error
messages describe the problem in plain language and suggest a way of solving

No, error
messages are not descriptive. It should show me a network error, but it is
showing some generic error message.

Also, for the
login issues, it marks the field red and hence let user fill in the field which
is required to sign in to the app.


Second Application: Selfissimo


to application:


The app is one of the new Google apps.
The app takes pictures automatically takes photos while the user poses. The
application uses AI when user is ready for the picture. The app shows different
kinds of things app is doing with their AI. The app is fun to work with and see
what Google is working on. The app uses experimental research technology from
Google to click photos automatically each time you pose, encouraging you to
capture your best self.


I chose this app as the users reviews
and amazing feedbacks generated curiosity to analyse this app. The interesting
features of face detection and photo automated capture mesmerized me. It is a
much appreciated and recommended photo app.


of application: Photo & Video


Technologies: Selfissimo! Relies on technologies under active research at
Google, so the performance is device-dependable. App is good with power machine
learning and algorithm.



The app also
takes the photos and put them in the collages for the user.

It detects user
face, enhances facial features like eyes, nose without making it look

The app makes
user looks really good than the normal selfie.



The app uses a
blur also while capturing photos.

It perfectly
times the shots and clicks the photos at the right time.

The user can go
back and review the previous shots.

The app works
well while clicking photos by skipping the background and focusing on face.

It doesn’t take
photos of the times while you are changing postures thereby less blurry photos.
The app blurs the background even for cheaper devices.

One can delete
single images and determine the final series of shots.



The app clicks
photos too fast.

Sometimes the app
doesn’t recognize the movement thus doesn’t click the photo.

Also, at times
photos aren’t autosaved thus if the user looses the screen then all the shots
are lost.

It doesn’t
capture the entire image which it shows on phone screen, but crops it while
taking a photo.

Photos are black
and white.

The app doesn’t
work the same if there is more than one person in the photo.

Face is not
detected in direct sunlight.




There can be
little tuning with the shutter speed and AI recognizing movement.

There can be
additional filters in the app.

Auto save feature
is needed.

Apart of the monochrome
(b/w) effects there should be an original capture mode.







First Heuristic Evaluation: Help and documentation

Is help information provided?

No, I can’t find
help information separately, because there was no need for help information.
Everything was very clear and start button is shown as soon as open the app.
For example, after clicking the photos an option automatically pops after you
stop photos capture to save media or not. The app also compliments while
capturing shots and the feature of compliments can be turned off in the left
side menu of the app. If the user wants to switch to new photoshoot, the app
tells user that unsaved photos will be lost to aware the user. The photo can
also be edited in the app itself and saved further. The app in itself is very
informative and easy to use.

Can help information be easily searched and easily followed?

No, I can’t find
help information separately, because there was no need for help information.
Everything was very clear and precise. The screen clearly states that “tap
anywhere to end” and gives options to the user to save photos or review and
delete them as required. The app is simple to use and descriptive in itself.


Second Heuristic Evaluation: User control and freedom

there ways to allow users to easily leave the unexpected page/state?

Yes, I observed this feature.
For example, it gives an option to start clicking of the photos and user can
start posing, the app automatically captures photos. Once you want the app to
stop capturing, there is an option available to stop clicking and it brings you
to the page where there is an option to save the photos captured or not. If the
user wishes not to save them then the photos are not saved and it prompts with
START option if user wants to capture again.





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