Kantar is a household to a portion of
the world’s driving examination,
information and experiences brands.  Largely, they offer
the total perspective of purchasers, i.e. the way they live, shop, vote, watch
and tweet – in nearly a hundred nations around the world. They work with over
portion of the Fortune 500 organizations, however they likewise work with
independent ventures, national governments, media proprietors and NGOs. The
company covers the broadness of systems and advancements, from buy and media information to foreseeing long haul patterns; from
neuroscience to leave surveys; from expansive scale quantitative investigations
to subjective research, studying the people and the cultures in a systematic
manner. Their quality lies in the unrivaled assorted variety of their kin,
procedures, specialisms and perspectives that consistently wire to give them a
one of a kind and a whole comprehension of individuals,
over the world. They go
past the self-evident – with knowledge, enthusiasm and inventiveness – to find new headings, set techniques
and plan activities that help achieve unprecedented achievements.

Independently, brands, for example, Kantar Millward Brown, Kantar TNS, Kantar Media and Kantar Worldpanel
are renowned and exceedingly regarded specialists in their fields.

Kantar’s an incentive to customers, which lies progressively
in the associations they can make between these brands. Associating diverse
informational indexes brings about wealthier and more profound bits of
knowledge and enables the company to offer fascinating and eventually more
successful arrangements and administrations to their customers.

Millward Brown

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Millward Brown is a main worldwide research office which spends significant
time in promoting viability, key correspondence, media and brand value. They
enables customers to develop extraordinary brands through thorough
research-based subjective and quantitative arrangements.


Worldpanel is a worldwide master in customers’ conduct. Through ceaseless
observing, progressed examination and customized arrangements, Kantar
Worldpanel creates fruitful choices by sole proprietors, retailers, showcase experts
and government associations all around. It transforms the buying conduct into an
upper hand in business sectors as differing as FMCG, unplanned purchased
products, vogue, child, media communications and diversion, among numerous


Media gives vital counselling and aggressive knowledge to the world’s driving
brands, distributors, offices and industry bodies, helping them explore and
prevail in a quickly advancing media industry. They help in examining paid
media openings, guidance on brand prestige, corporate administration and
purchaser involvement through possessed media. Kantar Media furnishes customers
with a wide scope of knowledge from group of people’s investigations, focused
insight, crucial buyer conducts and advanced experiences, to promoting adequacy
and online impact.

Kantar TNS

Kantar TNS
prompts customers on development procedures around new market section,
advancement, brand exchanging and partner administration, on the basis of
proficiency and market-driving arrangements. It has a higher rate of
communication with the world’s purchasers than any other person and comprehends
sole human practices and approaches over each social, monetary and political
district of the world.


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