The movie was amazing, a sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth, is a fun entertaining movie with some action and humor, Sean, a teenager In the Anderson tradition of The Journey to the Center of the Earth, who with the help of his step- father decodes a message from his grandfather, Alexander. By decoding the message, the two discover a map to the mysterious Island with clues from books such as Gulliver’s Travels and Treasure Island.

Together, the two travel to Palau, hire a helicopter tour guide to take them to the island and get caught in a storm that delivers them to the island. There Is where they discover Sean’s grandfather. Along with the helicopter tour gulde Gabato, his daughter, Kallanl was also Is trapped on the island. Hank, Sean’s step-father. While he acting is a little mundane, he does provide a believable leadership. The viewer has the sense that he indeed can save them from the island. As well, he often provides the humor that the movie needs.

Humor is also supplied by the character of Gabato. The movie often plays on the tour guide pilot’s self-effacing humor often delivering on his own fears. One of the best characters Is the grandfather. He expertly plays the scientist who Is still up for a little adventure. The best part of the movie Is the adventure. The characters are walking on what appears to be rocks but they turn out to be eggshells and it leads to evasion of a very large mama lizard. The most fun is when the characters ride on the backs of the bumble bees.

Just the imaginative situation alone would hold the interest of the viewers and will probably keep their imaginations going. Another great aspect of the movie Is the tie to literature and science. You can relate here some of the lesson in our subject. Like how the Island was slowly sinking to the bottom of the see and how it rises again after many years. The different theories on how the animals evolve In that island, the small became big the big became small etc. Im looking forward to the next sequel of the movie.

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