Joseph Rozek

Dr. Merly

MSC 107

13 December 2017

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            The video was created using footage from scuba diving
excursions. The dives took place in the Miami area, so this video was created
to show off the local fish. Fish that any student or Miami resident can go and
see for themselves. A wide variety of sea creatures were shown from a moray eel
to a southern stingray. There is a lot out there to see and this will go more
in depth in what one may find underneath the surface.

            The first two fish shown in the video are the species
known as the porkfish and the blue striped grunts. Both of these fish belong to
the grunt family of bony fish. The porkfish is common fish found in the
Atlantic Ocean from Florida all the way down to Brazil. These popular gamefish
can also be found in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. This is a
nocturnal species that lives in reefs or rocky areas. The other species seen
here is the blue striped grunt. This is subtropical fish that is also found in
the Atlantic Ocean and all the same places as the porkfish, which is why the
are seen in the same place in the video. The blue striped grunt lives in
schools up to 1,000 individuals and can be found from mangroves out to coral
reefs. These grunts form these schools, so they can breed and be protected from
their natural predators, sharks. These species are featured fish in many
aquariums mainly feed on mostly shrimp, however they are also known to eat

            The second clip shows off a grouping of the massive fish
known as the goliath grouper. This is a large fish that lives in the tropical
shallow waters of the Atlantic, although it has been caught in New England. It
is a critically endangered species that can grow over eight feet long and weigh
nearly 800 pounds. They are often fished for sport and were considered a fine
meat, however falling population numbers have led to a ban on all harvesting on
this species of grouper. Because of their size they have a wide variety in
their diet, including fish such as barracudas, turtles, sharks, and
crustaceans. They have even been reported to have attacked divers and sharks.

            The four disk-shaped fish that swim by next are known as
Atlantic spadefish. These popular game fish normally weigh between three and
ten pounds and are identified with their silver color that wears with age and
black vertical lines. This species is native to the shallow waters of the
southeastern Atlantic Ocean but are known to venture farther north and can be
found eating small benthic invertebrates.

            The rather interesting looking fish that is featured next
is the lionfish. This is an invasive carnivorous species that is native to the
Indo-Pacific region. The lionfish is a popular choice in aquariums and part of
the reason for the rise of this invasive species could be people releasing them
from their home aquariums into the Atlantic. They have few natural predators
and have venomous spines that can cause excruciating pain. What makes lionfish
an invasive species is the fact that it is a fish that hunts. It hunts and eats
fish that are helpful in maintaining the ecosystem.

            The audience is then introduced to the French angelfish
and the blue angelfish. This is a common find in shallow reefs throughout much
of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and also the Caribbean. It is well known for its
beautiful black and white coloration. This fish is known to taste good and be
sold on markets and it’s diet mainly consists of sponges.


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