Jimmy Many Horses is diagnosed with tumors and he has a lot of them, and his faith in humor is way stronger than medicine to treat his tumors. He Jokes about a lot of things with his wife Norma on their Journey of life. And the last thing Norma wants to joke about is Jimmy’s tumors. Norma believes that with every native Indian dying a part of their culture dies with them, so she watched a lot of Indian die and she doesn’t want to watch Jimmy die, not only because of the culture going away, but also because he is her spouse, especially in a humorous way. Since Jimmy won’t rest and stop making fun of it, she dumps him.Jimmy Many Horses and his wife Norma, point out that there are two sides to humor; Jimmy’s perspective that humor is used as a copping strategy against his cancer and death, and Norma’s perspective that there are things that they shouldn’t be Joking about all the times.

Many would think that the humor in the story was used for only the copping, but in fact, Jimmy insisted on using this type of dark humor or painful humor to get rid of his wife, he had too much pride or maybe too much love in his heart to his wife he didn’t want her to watch him suffer and die with no dignity. Jimmy Many Horses’ Perspective on Humor By alazazi