Jamie Gerber
Music 153
Dr. Dervin
29th January, 2018
Written #1

The two songs I decided to pick and describe are Charley Patton’s “34 Blues” and Joe Hill Louis’s song, “Boogie in the Park”. Both songs are very unique within their music genre, and do share similarities and differences. The Blues and the Early Rock and Roll genres were very popular doing their era because they brought unique sounds that were attractive to our ears. However, the Blues ended up converting into rock and roll music which was a hit in the music industry.
Both songs, “34 Blues and “Boogie in the Park”, share common similarities within their music. Both songs use a common instrument, which is a guitar. Each artists uses their guitar as their main instrument besides their vocal cords. It’s very clear to hear the guitar being used within both songs as you can hear them strumming and the uniqueness. Another similarity that both songs share is the call and response between the guitar and the vocals. I noticed this when both songs would have a pause in their vocals, where the guitar would be the main focus, then the vocals would return. This was something very noticeable, because when the vocals would stop, the guitar would be the main focus, and then the vocals would return again. This gave the instrument (guitar) a chance to really express it’s depths of the cords, and the true sounds and tones within the instrument.
However, both songs do have their differences within each other. The song “34 Blues” falls in the Blues category where “Boogie in the Park” falls into the Early Rock and Roll category. The two songs also use different forms. “34 Blues uses the form AABCC, where “Boogie in the Park” uses AABBC. I noticed this pattern within both songs by the lyrics order and how the song was sang. I also noticed the pitches of vocal cords being used between both of the singers. In “34 Blues” the vocalist was hitting high notes, where in “Boogie in the Park” the vocalist was maintaining a steady tone and wasn’t hitting high notes. The last difference I noticed between both songs were the instrumentations. A “Boogie in the Park” uses a guitar and a harmonica, where “34 Blues” strictly uses a guitar. This was easy to tell due to the sound of each instrument being played and used.
Even though both songs share differences and similarities they are both unique and catchy in their own ways. It was very fun to compare and contrast these songs, and see how the Blues genre slowly intertwined into the Rock and Roll category.


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