Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are the Grimm Brothers. They were German who were best known for their folk tales. Both Grimm brothers were born in the late 18th century (1785 and 1786). They both attended the University of Marburg where they studied more in depth about the folklore which triggered their future in collecting and writing German Folktales. After attending college, in the 19th century, there was a revival of the arts and literature, which traditional folk stories fell under. This revival of folk tales allowed the Grimm Brothers to establish a national literature.The Grimm Brothers are best known for their fairy tales and folk tales such as “Cinderella”, “Rapunzel”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Snow White” and more. The Brothers writing style invoked many philosophical motifs, deep plots and dialogue. The Grimm Brothers stories were straight to the point most of the time in their folk tales, what they wanted to say were clear without excess confusion and junk added. In these folk tales although there was dialogue there was still a narrator to narrate the story because, one of the reasons was that, the narrator knew the emotions and thoughts of the characters in the story.The Romantic Era was a period of the revival of the arts and literature of that many ideas were taken back again from the Renaissance. Ideas such as Individualism were revitalized and were given importance again. Ideas such as the appreciation for beauty and nature, emotion and intelligence deepened in this Era. The Grimm Brothers fairy tales focused mainly on the main subject being a prince or princess who are facing obstacles to reach their goal. This importance on individuals in a story through a magical and mystic medium is what rose during the 19th century which taught many themes and messages to individuals who read them. One popular Fairy Tale written from the Grimm Brothers was Rapunzel. The Fairy Tale begins with introducing a sorcerer who is guarding her “Rapunzel” in a large tower with her magical powers that people fear. One day a woman was desiring this “Rapunzel” because without consuming it, she would die, so her Husband goes up that tower to go grab some of it for her. One day the sorcerer caught this man and the man offered the sorcerer to please give him some Rapunzel or his Wife will die and the sorcerer agreed under a condition that was the next child the woman gives birth to is her’s. The man agreed and their next child was the sorcerers. The child’s name was Rapunzel and she had long hair and was locked up in a tower. As time passed, a king’s son encountered Rapunzel through her constant singing and they met at her tower. The sorcerer became mad at both of them and cut Rapunzel’s hair and banished her from her sight and let her suffer in the forest. The king’s song was so hurt he fell off the tower and became blind. Years later the two met again and Rapunzel wrapped her arms around the king’s son and cried into his eyes and he became clear again and lived happily ever after.The story included a bit of spiritual/supernatural powers due to the sorcerers powers and how it affected the story. Because of Rapunzel’s breakout to disobey her “Mother”, the sorcerer, to follow her own desires shows the individuality and freedom because of the stories main focus on her. In the end of the story, like many fairy tales from the Grimm Brothers, the interest in the celebration of simple life was exemplified in the story, because after the two lovers found each other again they were able to once again “Live happily ever after” without danger. Since there was an importance on individuals and not always important figures, Rapunzel who was just the daughter of a simple family was a favored characteristic of literature because it showed anyone could achieve these messages and themes that are portrayed in the story (Use of Common Subjects)


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