Jackie African American baseball player on an all-white

Jackie Robinson was a significant African American who faced many hardships to become a Major League Baseball star. From his early life to his adulthood, Jackie had his life changed constantly.          Jerry and Mallie Robinson gave birth to their little boy Jack Roosevelt Robinson on January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia. He was raised in poverty by only his mother, Mallie Robinson. Jerry Robinson, Jackie’s father, abandoned him and his 4 other siblings while Jackie was only 6 months old.  As a result, to Jackie’s father abandoning the family his mother moved the family to Pasadena, California. There he began to have interest in several sports.       While attending high school, Jackie played a variety of sports including running track and playing baseball, basketball, and football. Soon after high school, he went to Pasadena Junior College to continue his passion for sports on a greater level of performance, and then he transferred to UCLA. After dropping out of college in 1942, Jackie joined the U.S Army.  After being honorably discharged in 1944, he continued to pursue his baseball career. As a pastime, he played baseball over the summer with the Kansas City Monarchs, a Negro League team. He started playing for the Montreal Royals, which was an all-white, minor league farm team. Later on, Jackie was emitted into the Major Leagues. There, he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The players did not agree with having an African American player on their team. Some even petitioned to have him removed from the team, but Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn Dodgers team, said that any of the team’s players could, and would, be traded or released for their unsportsmanlike conduct.    After retiring, Jackie Robinson used his popularity and fame and became a Civil Rights Activist. He became active in business and began working for social change. Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player on an all-white team. He was the first African American to be initiated into the baseball Hall of Fame. He had a .311 batting average, 137 home runs, and 197 stolen bases. He married Rachel Isum and had three children by the names of Jack Jr., David, and Sharon. Jackie Robinson died at the age of 53 in Stamford, Connecticut, from heart problems and diabetes complications.      Robinson once said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” By being the first African American Major League Baseball player and a Civil Rights Activist, Jackie’s life was very important. All the hardships he faced were not in vain.The way he influenced people proved that his passion was to impact others and change lives.