It is with great privilege that I write to you in
recommendation of Shreshth Yash to you esteemed university for graduate
program. Shreshth has worked for me at NTT Data services (Former Dell
International Services), for the better part of the two years and I have found
him to be both a kind and hard-working individual. His knowledge of and passion
towards work is very devotional.

Shreshth was among the very
few people who nominate themselves proactively to new technology as part of
certifications and trainings to new domains. 
His successful completion in SDET certification awarded him with Bronze


Shreshth’s performance
compared to his peers has been superior. His understanding of concepts is
noteworthy. He displays great poise while dealing with his responsibilities
especially during critical times of multiple deliveries and delivering flawless
bug free product before the deadlines. He assumed responsibility equal to his
more experienced colleagues within a few months of joining the organization.
From handling his assigned job to coordinating with multiple teams, Shreshth is
always extremely involved with his work. He often comes up with fresh,
innovative ideas of using new tech stacks to develop a flexible and efficient
solution and is very vocal during our internal team meetings. Shreshth works
well in a group often emerging as the leader of the group motivating his peers.
His level of understanding is much above average and he displays a maturity
level. He believes in working with the team, in consensus and appreciates the
importance of teamwork.


Considering his keenness to learn, I feel
delighted to have Shreshth in my team and equally confident to strongly endorse
his application for admission to a graduate program at your university. I give
my sincere heartfelt recommendation and wish him success in all his future
endeavors, hope that he gets the opportunity he deserves.

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