It is not an
isolated issues. Solutions are there itself. Each employees should know the
policies of their organization on bullying. Management has to give orientation
regarding bullying when they are hired. “The problem of bullying cannot be
reversed if the focus is only on nurse. The healthcare industry needs to be
restructured to solve the problem” (Granstra, K. (2015). All nurses should
treated equally and respectfully. Nurse educators or clinical resources leaders
has a major role on this. Frequent conversation with staffs help them to
identify the signs of bullying. Reassure them and give all the support. In some
facilities some departments has always horizontal violence. Give special
attention on that units and staffs, if the health care providers feeling
isolated offer them to psychological support and counselling. Mentors has a
vital role on prevent bullying. Always mentorship is not a positive experience
to nurses. I think horizontal violence is starting from them. Their feedback is
not always positive. So the managers should knows who is capable for handing mentoring
in a positive way. A good mentor can create positive feelings on new employees.
According to Becher and Visovsky (2012, p. 211), “Leaders who demonstrate trusting
behaviors allow staff to feel supported”. In addition, “providing ample
opportunities for education and professional development is important to
prevent eliminate horizontal violence in the workplace”. Some other studies
shows most nurses would like to avoid workplace bullying. They give suggestion
that, the organization can arrange culture awareness or educational programs to
support staff, and give information about the consequences of HV. “Nurse Leaders
are in a unique position to prevent and eliminate HV by providing resources in
terms of support and education”. (Becher & Visovsky, 2012). Increase the
number of staffs helps to reduce the stress- horizontal violence. If any HV
happened in the facility everyone should responsible to solve that problem. This
will help everybody to avoid and create HV. As per ONA better communication
among nurses may resolve the problem “as much as we working together and
talking about the issue, is a sign of progress (ONA, May 2015).


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