Good morning to our Principal, teachers and friends. I am Tania Chua, the president of theEnglish Society. Today, I am very honoured to be given this opportunity to share with you µTheImportance of English¶. From time immemorial, English is beyond doubt, the most significant language in the world. English is, unquestionably used as the one and only tool to break down existing languagebarriers among people of different races, cultures and nationality. As an international language,English is spoken, read and written in many countries.

Examinations in international universitiesare furthermore, tested in English. The use of English can be seen on the Internet and in the business world. Businesstransactions are done in English. Banks have appointed the English language to be abided toshould there be any discrepancies in other languages. Needless to say, corporations likeµGoogle¶ and µWikipedia¶ have the highest rate of streaming in its English version. This alone isvalid enough to prove the importance of English. Reasonable though it may seem, a sad phenomenon has rises.

This language can merely bespoken, read and written fluently by few in our land.. English should be studied not just for theSPM alone, but also for use in the realistic society. Can anything be done about this growing and serious problem? The solution seems to bestaring at us in the face. We should stand hand in hand to weather out our problem in English. Itshould not be left hanging in the air anymore. So, everyone here should start burning the candleto improve yourselves. Precious time should be wasted no more. Thank you.


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