It was definitely a little bit different than the others
books. In this book the Israel they seemed to be doing well spiritually, but
inwardly she was drifting away from her spiritual moorings. Also Malachi seemed
to be the last voice from God right before there was silence for centuries.

Overall this book is a very interesting the first part of this book it takes
about God’s love for Israel.

The second part of the book it’s
talking about the unfaithful priests and how it was supposed to bring the
people closer to the Lord. Instead they became guilty of their sins and they
started bringing blemished offerings to the Lord. The third part of the book it
looks at the backslidden people. It’s crazy they were guilty of divorcing their
wives and refusing of paying their tithes.

The main thing right before the end
of malachi message he informs Israel that God will be sending his messenger,
who will prepare for the coming of the messiah. Then with the promise of the
coming messenger, the Old Testament closes and the voice of God was silent for
400 years. It would not be broken until the angel Gabriel announced to the old
priest Zacharias that he would father a son. A son who would fulfill the
promise of Malachi.

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I think that Malachi was included in
the OT canon because to let the Israelites know that the Messiah was going to
be coming and wants to express the Lord’s Love towards us. A prophecy: The word of the Lord to Israel through


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