It all started in the crest hill Cafeteria, that doubled as the room we have all our plays in. I sat down at the only table that had no one at it.  I’m not really a introvert, but not being able to talk kind-of put a damper on my gossiping and yelling ability. As I ate my ham and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, I know it’s disgusting but whatever I notice someone staring at me. I look over to the right and see Isaac Shea and all of his tall gloryness. I just stared. Why wasn’t he looking away or looking ashamed. Then more importantly I asked myself, why is he looking at me?! I decided he probably was just staring at me daydream, I mean I do look pretty good in my old sweats..Not! But I had to take another glance at him, and there he was… Staring at me. He always seems so rude, I automatically do not like him. He always is so.. Illmanerd. But hey, I guess I could give him a chance. But He just so rude! Ughh what do I do. Then he smiled at me, I gave him a question look then glanced at the empty seat next to me. He stood up and started walking over to me. Wait a second, was this really happening?! Oh my god! This is happening! My mental state is slowly dying. I need to pull myself together. I move my lunch bag over so he could sit and then to my disbelief he sat down. “Hi, I’m Isaac. Your Beth Kate wright?” I nodded appreciating him not talking to me like I’m 5. “How are you doing? Sorry for staring at you, your hair is just super cool.” Oh shoot, I need to find my note cards so I could thanks him. I put up a finger to tell him hold on a minute. “Oh okay” He said. I drugged thru my purse until I found my note cards and I pulled out one that said Thank you. “Yeah, no problem” he said kindly. I jotted down as fast as I could If he would like to go to Ice creamery later. “Sure” he agreed. A sudden jolt of energy fled thru me, Isaac was taking me to ice cream! This cannot be happening! I smiled at him and he smiled back. Then I asked on the card if he minded that I couldn’t talk. “No, who cares if you cannot talk”. Oh my god, he so cool. Most people act as if I’m not there or talk to me like I’m death. And when I try to write back to them they act like I’m 5. I’m pretty sure I look like a kid in a candy store. I was in my mind, he seemed like someone who actually was a genuine person.


I'm Dora!

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